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  1. Liverpool have just won their first trophy of the new season, so it seems a good time to snip an old thread and start a new one. That's right: seasons should run on LFC Standard Time! C'mon you Reds!
  2. Proposed: The debut album would have been improved if Rush had substituted a couple of cover songs they often performed in those days -- say, "Bad Boy" and "Not Fade Away," for "Take a Friend" and "Before and After." The presence of cover songs on early/debut albums was quite common in that era, and it would have solved some of the lyrical weaknesses recently brought up in another thread. Those are quite lively songs that would have given the album a little more credibility and punch. Wrong or right? Or did I pick the wrong substitutions?
  3. Woof -- I remember the bath the bookies took on that one; the HRE was a -3500 favorite!
  4. Happy Birthday, Geddy, and thanks for the great art!
  5. Yeah, you're right. I had my bad owners of the Kansas City A's mixed up; Johnson was the Yankee-friendly one who died about '60, I think; Finley was the one who denied he was trying to move the team while visiting Dallas, Oakland, Seattle, etc.
  6. Oh, that effing guy; he was real POS as an owner, and it's too bad the early '70s A's got good while he still owned the team because it's left a sort of legacy as just a kooky guy, but he was actively working against his own teams quite often. Yeah, he'd approve, then call a press conference to say he told is GM not to sell, while badgering his GM for not selling more of the players.
  7. This Arthur Johnson? I'm drawing a blank -- but whoever he is, I'm glad he approves of this trade. I'll like it a lot more if I trusted the Royals to develop pitching. They should have traded him to the Cardinals, though!
  8. Benintendi to the Yankees for three pitching prospects. You're welcome, Ed Hunter. Let's rebuild this thing! (Again!)
  9. Law & Order! The Firm, usw. Thank you for the memories, sir! You did good work and brought joy. Enjoy the peace.
  10. That's not Gainsborough's Blue Boy up there! (He's the Etihad's Blue Boy now, though!)
  11. 1971, for all the same reasons I articulated in the first round, starting with Aqualung and going through to Zeppelin IV, Led
  12. Good day at the Hall of Fame. Wish Buck could have had this honor while still with us, but the arc of justice is long. Congrats to all the inductees.
  13. Remember, Chuck, they kill journalists who ask too many questions; better keep that commentary positive and oily.
  14. For a second there, I thought she was gonna wave it around like she'd caught a home run!
  15. Firmino to Juventus? You'd think I'd be old enough by now to know better than to get sentimental about players. They're pieces on a chessboard, man! Focus on the shirt.
  16. Sweden v England France v Germany Your Women's Euro 2022 final four. Gotta be the Germans, right? Probably over the Lionesses in PKs?
  17. Will they need their husbands' or fathers' permission to use the driver? Or maybe some male will tee off for them? Think of the possibilities of Saudi golf!
  18. That's a cool idea; I might even watch the earlier ones. Does the copy of the text suggest that they have choices among the live shows they've got recorded, in order to pick the best/"most epic" ones? More bands should do this kind of thing.
  19. But it provides such interesting opportunities! https://www.foxnews.com/sports/yankees-receive-20-million-offer-adult-website-become-jersey-patch-sponsor
  20. I hadn't realized she was still with us; how nice. Now that is an eventful life.
  21. I haven't had the chance to see Nick Mason's group, but I love the setlist! Someone would have to pay me a great sum of money to go to a Waters show, though. That effin guy.
  22. You should call 988 and talk to someone who can help, please.
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