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Marc Day

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    Maidstone, Kent England
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    My wonderful wife, Rush, Killing Joke, bass guitar, model making (also my job). Getting the most out of life without killing myself.

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    Roll The Bones Tour. Wembley Arena, 1992 (sadly)
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    Most of them. Depends on my mood.
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    If pushed, Power Windows
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    Seeing the band live, but mostly the positive influence they have had on my life generally.
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    Killing Joke, QOTSA, Propaganda, Headswim,The Who, Sensational Alex Harvey Band
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    Bass guitar.
  1. Hi All, My first post. Does anyone know how I could get a message to the guys? I've been a fan for almost 40 years and since the announcement of Neil's retirement and the end of the band as we know it, I've felt compelled to send the band a personal message of thanks for all the years of enjoyment and entertainment they've provided. It would mean a great deal to me to know that they got my message. Marc.
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