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  1. Last weekend I got to work for Nascar / Fox Sports as a camera assistant during the Phoenix Race Weekend. It was an amazing experience! I was part of the camera crews that go up and down pit road and the garage to interview the drivers. We worked (practice, qualifying, race) for the Sprint Cup, Nationwide Series and Camping World Truck Series. Got to hang out with everyone, go in their haulers and garages, and had access to places the public never gets to see. If you watched any of the broadcasts from the weekend, you saw our work. It was hard to snap off photos while we were working, but I managed to get quite a few good ones. Photos - Nascar Weekend Photo Gallery. Video - .
  2. I've climbed Angels Landing many times and stood right there. Glad Neil got to experience it. Zion is my favorite National Park.
  3. Geddy had a better vocal the night before in Phoenix. Here's my video of that show.
  4. Thanks guys. My day was good until we lost 19 firefighters. Unfortunately it was a very sad day for our city yesterday.
  5. We have a condo on Maui, in Kapalua, and we absolutely love it. We love it so much that we would live there full time if we could afford it. It's a magical place, but it can be very expensive. Kauai is truly amazing and one the the most beautiful places on earth. Spend as much time there as you can, and you don't need to follow the tourist guide, just find a beach and do nothing! Have a great trip! You will want to move there when you get back home.
  6. BRIT FLOYD - Phoenix, AZ - May 11, 2013 - Comerica Theatre Saw Brit Floyd in Phoenix last Saturday. For those who don't know who they are, they are the "World's Greatest Pink Floyd Show". And I can tell you this, They Are The Greatest!! It could very well have been the best concert I've ever seen, and that's a Huge Statement because I've seen everyone, and been to over 750 concerts in my life. This concert was that good. This concert was so good that it rivals the many times I saw the real Floyd. They are not some wannabe tribute band. These guys tour the world and play 5000 theaters, with a huge production and amazing show. I was absolutely blown away at this concert, blown away! They played a great mix of all Floyd albums, and played everything perfectly, if not better at times than the real Floyd. Their show was; Set 1 = 1:15, Set 2 = 1:30, for a solid 2 hours and 45 minutes of heaven. The production was stunning. Sound was the Best Concert Sound I've ever heard! Lighting and Video was mind blowing, and all was perfectly run and timed exactly with the performance. I hate tribute bands, and don't write reviews....So this must really say something about the concert and band. Go see BRIT FLOYD at all costs, which isn't very much. I payed $38 for my row 22 dead center ticket. Here's a gallery of photos I took and posted on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151604835194728.1073741826.602099727&type=3 Here's a video for One Of These Days: Here's a video for Take It Back:
  7. 30 shows for me. First in 1978, A Farewell to Kings in St. Louis, MO. Last in 2012, Clockwork Angels in Phoenix, AZ.
  8. Tons of pyro in Carnies during the entire end of the song.
  9. There is a formula to writing songs that the public understands. I personally think that formula is the "correct" way to write songs, in general. The majority of the public only understands certain things in music, and only wants to hear these things in a 3 1/2 minute song. Pop music follows this formula and it's no surprise that it's well received. Are songs written to sell records? Sure they are, because they follow the formula that's proven to sell. Pop music isn't the only genre following the formula. Alt, rock and country do the same thing. I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to the way songs should be written. Probably because the most famous songs of all time generally follow the formula that's proven to be successful and accepted.
  10. You didn't use the primary definition of die-hard!! "Strongly or fanatically determined or devoted". This is the meaning I was using. It's an Adjective too...just the way I used it.
  11. I love when people start by saying, "I'm a die hard fan", then complain about the set list. Guess what.....You're NOT a die hard fan then. Die hard fans don't care what they play, how they play it, or why they play it. Die hard fans are happy with any song they choose to play live, and most have seen them so many times they don't want to hear the standards.
  12. Seeing them in Phoenix on May 11. I just recently discovered Brit Floyd via a PBS concert just like GG. I was blown away...they are the real deal! Amazing show.
  13. I've seen all versions of both bands, numerous times, and they were all amazing concerts. Even though the latest Wall Tour was in my mind a masterpiece, the best concerts were Momentary Lapse and Division Bell. These were rock concerts in every sense. David is just a way better musician than Roger. In fact, out of the 730+ concerts I've seen in my life, Momentary Lapse and Division Bell are my two favorite concerts, ever!
  14. If it's a straight forward rock band, like AC/DC for instance, then there's no need for keys. But if your music has a bit more flavor and diversity then I think keys are a must. Used correctly, keys don't get in the way of the 'rock'.
  15. The lighting and production on the latest tour is so far above anything in the past, there's no comparison. I'm not sure what you guys are talking about, or looking at. Every fixture on that stage can perform multiple effects, change to any color/or multiple, and do them with exact precision. The complete automation, scanning and tracking capabilities makes it possible to pull off any scene imaginable. Not to mention they are almost entirely LED and produce very little heat. They use about 1/3 less fixtures to produce 10 times the show, and no 'par cans'. All intelligent lighting, programmed perfectly to each song. Honestly, if you don't feel this latest tour was "visually stunning", then you won't be impressed at any concert. The lighting on this tour was about as good as I've ever seen, from any band.
  16. The lighting was amazing on this tour. Moving video panels, tons of focused beams, ect... Here's a video of The Wreckers from Phoenix.
  17. I might go check this out, it's a great venue. Adele's cover photo on her Facebook page is freaking awesome! Check it out: http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/230708_10102100161311791_429022877_n.jpg
  18. Yep, I agree with this. The finished product will be a 2 dvd set featuring the best versions from the 2 shows. From what I've seen and heard, I think there will be way more songs from the Phoenix show than from Dallas. The Dallas show had some issues, while the Phoenix show was absolutely flawless. We'll see. No reason to speculate about the dvd though, it will be put together just like any other live recording...the best versions make the cut. Although in this case they only have 2 versions of each song to choose from.
  19. F*ck no! It's hard enough just finding Anyone who can actually sing now days, much less someone who can sing Rush songs. Look at all the Rush tribute bands out there...none of them can sing the parts correctly.
  20. I love this record, and I love Promised Land too. Great recordings, great songs and great albums as a whole.
  21. Cool video man! I like the song as well. Love the DW's! Nice work.
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