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  1. I'd forgotten what the Blondie song sounded like, hadn't heard it in decades. So I listened. Not a bad little tune. Still doesn't beat The Cars, though.
  2. FINALLY. In case no one's noticed based on my previous annoying posts in this thread, this is a bottom-1 song for me. Maybe even lower than that. Why? Any song that sounds like it was written for Celine Dion does not belong on a Rush record. This is the same band that wrote Hemispheres? That's messed up, man.
  3. Arkin and Peter Falk were perfectly cast in The In-Laws. And the part of Aaronow in Glengarry Glen Ross was perfect for him. RIP.
  4. Definitely top-100 at least. Top-3 from this album, IMO.
  5. https://www.mlb.com/news/domingo-german-perfect-game-vs-athletics
  6. This one could have been ranked lower. Half of RTB ranked in the bottom-40 seems about right, though.
  7. Yeah, that works! I'm not sure you need to list all the remaining songs from the album, but that's up to you. Recapping the songs already ranked is nice info to have.
  8. May I offer a suggestion? I like that you indicate that this is the third song from this album to make it to the list, which is very useful in illustrating, at this current position, how strong or weak an album is in your overall ranking. I wouldn't mind also seeing the other two songs from VT that you've already listed, and where you ranked them. We can then see how other songs from the album is doing at a glance.
  9. RTB suffered the same fate for me after CP came out. As a Rush fan who got into them in 1980 with PeW, there was a certain resignation with RTB, like, okay, this is what Rush is now -- they're this light-sounding pop-rock band with a Rush influence. It was easy to think that way when you looked at RTB, Presto, HYF and even PoW as a whole -- RTB was clearly a continuation of their journey away from their hard prog heyday. There wasn't much of a progression from Presto to RTB, and that's where the resignation came from for me. CP was what RTB and maybe even Presto should have been -- a big f**k you to HYF and the keyboard era. It wasn't a return to hard prog, but it was organic-sounding with heavy guitars, bass and drums. A step in the right direction. T4E grabbed me instantly because it was, at least sonically, a continuation of CP. The guitars were even heavier, and I loved it. At least, at first. The songs didn't hold up over time, though the title track, Driven and Time And Motion are still go-to listens.
  10. Pretty inventive stuff there. I dug it.
  11. I'm trying to decide if this list is out of the "These are the shit songs" zone and into the "These are not bad" zone. Seems like we are. This is a pretty good tune, good guitar stuff going on.
  12. HOLD YOUR FIRE PRESTO ROLL THE BONES There's a song or two on each of those that would have initially grabbed my interest, but the rest of the album would have proved disappointing. Like, Show Don't Tell has a unique vibe, and if that was the first song I heard from them I'd be thinking, "This is cool, who are these guys?" Then after listening to the rest of Presto I'd be, "Oh...oh well."
  13. The fact that Second Nature has somehow escaped the bottom-30, much less the bottom-3, well, there's not much you can do to spoil that song at this point.
  14. I consider Second Nature a bottom-3 Rush song, along with Anagram and Half The World.
  15. Yeah, you seem to gravitate towards songs that I don't like, and vice versa. But that's what a band like Rush can do. Here's a real test:: Do you love Second Nature? Is it in your top-3 from HYF?
  16. Actually, CP seems to be a polarizing album for us fans. I liked it right off the bat because they FINALLY ditched the thin-sounding instruments that plagued HYF thru RTB. I liked it when it first came out and still do. Others see it as another step removed from their prog years. Nobody's Hero, Speed of Love and Everyday Glory are the only songs I skip on that album.
  17. Completely agree. I know some people don't like the spoken verses, but I don't mind them because that secret agent riff and Neil's drum pattern for it are killer. I really like the whole song. This is my third favorite song on CP behind Animate and Leave That Thing Alone. This is a criminally low ranking. THIS is the worst song from CP? Worse than Speed of Love? Really???
  18. This. But I'll play along with the poll as constructed. I would need to listen to Favourite Headache again to see if I'd pick it over Victor or T4E (T4E gets a consideration on the strength of the title track, Driven, and Time and Motion). Right now I have VT and Feedback for my studio picks and DS as my live album.
  19. Worse than Anagram and Second Nature? No bloody way. Third worst overall? Absolutely. Happy birthday, hi_water!
  20. Don't get me wrong, there is potential there. The choruses are pretty good and Alex's solo is very good. And I do like the lyrics. But one problem for me with this song is in the execution. It's a Presto song, so right off the bat the production is going to bring it down and make it sound lifeless. The only three songs on this album that work for me sound-wise are Show Don't Tell, The Pass and Presto. For me, Available Light suffers greatly. The other problem, and for me it's the big one, is the verses. I don't like the easy listening feel and I don't like the piano, not only the fact that it's piano but also how it sounds -- digital. I just doesn't work for me in a Rush song, no matter what the lyrics are saying. And that brings me to this -- song rankings like this are of course subjective, but some people will maybe not love the music in a song but will overlook it if the lyrics really speak to them, and others will deal with lyrics that are blah if the music moves them. I'm almost always in the latter group. When I get a new album I don't even think about the lyrics until I've absorbed the music. The only time lyrics stick out to me right away is if they're noticeably bad (like, say, Dog Years). Neil's lyrics are good here, but for me they're not enough to save this one.
  21. Another blah album closer for me. This isn't the "uptempo/low-intensity happy rocker" that closed out RTB thru S&A, but it's still blah. There's not enough warmth in the production to effectively convey the uplifting message, and the piano verses give me that Second Nature vibe that makes me think it's a Celine Dion song as opposed to Rush. This song is pure CD filler and I'd have ranked it lower.
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