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  1. This is one of the better songs from VT. The contrast between the verses and the choruses, and that killer pre-chorus riff. This is ranked too low.
  2. Here's the uncut sequence. The guy is ballsy.
  3. My Android is an unlocked phone that I bought from B&H Photo. When you buy a phone from say, AT&T, it comes pre-installed with all kinds of bloatware and apps that AT&T wants you to have because they make money off of it all. But the main thing is, the phone is already set up to work on THEIR network, and theirs alone. You're locked into using them for your cell service. That's how they get away with giving away phones and buying out old contracts from rival carriers because they make most of their money from locking you into a two- or whatever-year contract and charging you every month for the service. An unlocked phone isn't tied in with a carrier like AT&T or Verizon. You buy just the phone from a tech store and then you can take it to whichever carrier you want and they'll get it connected. You pay them for the monthly service, but the phone is yours, and if you decide to switch carriers, you can do it as long as you're not locked into a service contract. Plus, an unlocked phone is clean. Just the operating system is installed. It has none of the spyware apps that the carrier phones come with, so you're starting out with a less intrusive phone.
  4. Not just in the same inning. In the same at-bat, and on consecutive pitches. https://www.mlb.com/news/elly-de-la-cruz-steals-second-third-and-home-in-same-at-bat
  5. Another example of a Rush song that doesn't sound like Rush. It sounds like the most commercial version of U2 mixed with Jefferson "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" Starship. It's icky. It's a bottom-10 song for me.
  6. I can help you out with that on Sunday or Monday.
  7. The chocolate that young people eat is barely chocolate. I should know -- I ate a lot of bullshit convenience store candy bars in my youth. Snickers is the only one that still tastes good to me. The others are too sweet and too fake for me now.
  8. Having some dark chocolate right now. A bar with almonds and sea salt.
  9. I knew I was missing one but I couldn't figure it out, so I gave up after a few minutes. I just wanted to show the album representation so far. No, not awkward at all. Rush is a band with a lot of different sounds and styles, and we're all not going to agree on which are best. That said, my taste in Rush tunes is better. CP not showing up much at the bottom of the list doesn't surprise me at all. I think a lot of fans see that album as a comeback of sorts, at least as far as escaping the thin-sounding pop band stretch from HYF thru RTB.
  10. Nope. Somehow those songs are better than Double Agent and Between Sun And Moon.
  11. Here's an album breakdown of the list so far. The numbers here are not too surprising, maybe except for HYF having only two. Rush ................................. 2/8 Fly By Night ...................... 1/8 Caress of Steel ................. 1/5 2112 A Farewell To Kings .......... 1/6 Hemispheres Permanent Waves Moving Pictures Signals Grace Under Pressure Power Windows Hold Your Fire .................. 2/10 Presto .............................. 8/11 Roll The Bones ................. 5/10 Counterparts .................... 2/11 Test For Echo ................... 7/11 Vapor Trails ...................... 4/13 Feedback ......................... 6/8 Snakes And Arrows .......... 5/13 Clockwork Angels ............. 2/12
  12. There's "No static at all" where she is.
  13. Indeed. This thread still chokes me up a bit when I see it.
  14. After the first few listens of CA, I would have ranked this as my least favorite. But it's still not a bad song. Not great, but not bad. In other words, I don't think CA has any BAD songs. And that's a pretty good way for a storied band to go out. My least favorite song on CA is now Seven Cities of Gold. It too is not bad, but I'll dive into it more when it appears on the list.
  15. It's the same handful of people taking the time to respond to each song. Would like to see more people participating. Albums you'd expect to see populating the bottom part of the list are there (lots of T4E, Feedback and Presto songs, no MP or PeW yet), though only two from HYF so far, which is interesting. hi_water will give a song a higher ranking if he likes the lyrics, even if the song is dogshit musically (Second Nature, Larger Bowl). That's his right, of course. It's his list.
  16. As far as first impressions, where the thread is posted doesn't matter if you first see it in the Recent Topics sidebar, like I just did. All I saw at first was "Rest in Peace, David Gilmour."
  17. They lyrics are indeed cringy -- they were cringy when this album came out in '96, and they're even moreso now. Neil wasn't particularly good at topical lyric writing, and Pye Dubois' collaboration couldn't save this one. Musically, this song is pretty solid. I could see this ranked a bit higher, only because there are still a few T4E songs not yet ranked that should be ranked considerably lower than this one.
  18. I like this tune a lot, but I hate that the remix added the guitar solo back in. The boys left it out of the original mix for a reason -- the power chords worked great by themselves. I'd have ranked this higher.
  19. It really is a weird song. Someone brought up the lyrics in another thread recently, mocking the "Catch the spirit, catch the spit" lines, but I argued that the quirky lyrics (co-written by Pye Dubois) fit the song perfectly because the whole song is quirky. The song may have repeated sections, but it doesn't have the typical verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure that most non-prog pop and rock songs have. It says a lot that Rush's two biggest hits -- Tom Sawyer and Spirit of Radio -- are anything but typical rock songs. They're "accessible" but still distinctly Rush.
  20. This. Another utterly forgettable filler track.
  21. Yeah, I could see ranking those two that low. I didn't mind Good News First at first but the vocals wore thin real fast. That's a song like Second Nature that for me just doesn't feel like a Rush song. It's kind of country-ish or something.
  22. This and Bravest Face are my least favorites from S&A. I'd have ranked this way lower. Hopefully we'll see Good News First soon because that one ain't great either.
  23. So, let's say it's a quarter to eight...what are you feeling?
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