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  1. Between Sun and Moon you get all squeezed up in side
  2. If you live in ct ,this saturday hemispheres will be performing no one at the bridge no matter what the cost to the singer lol (me) we have been doing this song for a long time...one of my all time faves.....it's just a powerful tune......
  3. 16 jane get me off this crazy thing
  4. j redone..... ijust feel this sense of mission k i know it's most unusual to come before you so
  5. i think the line is the natives smile and pass along a sample of their yield passage to bangkok blankers and boasters,all the bluffers and posers
  6. tai shan now the trees are almost green
  7. anagram just another island in a hurricane
  8. wheels can take you around ,wheels can cut you down
  9. the fountain of lamneth if the futures looking dark
  10. the second time thru the alphabet should be the second letter can't stop ...you may be right
  11. between the wheels venting vapours like the breathe
  12. a weapon that could settle the score using the first letter in a rush lyric line starting with a then using the rest of the alphabet....the the second letter and so on...... waw
  13. losing it? (line in losing it is closes her bedroom door i think) in the dying days of the war
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