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  1. I really do not understand all the votes for Hemispheres as a top three. it is a great album, but I think 2112 and Farewell to the Kings are both better.


    You don't understand that taste is subjective?


    Obviously this is all subjective, but usually it makes some sort of sense.


    Here in NY they have a top 1000 countdown of the best classic rock songs of all time. Stairway has won every year (at least 35 years). This makes sense to me especially given the older demographic of classic rock stations and how much people love Zep.


    I believe a poll done on this site voted Hemispheres #1 and as a fan for 40 years, I think what are these guys smoking? The album has only four songs and lets be honest Cygnus X1 Book II is a 7 at best.


    I was just trying to understand why people loved this album so much

  2. Tom Arnold has divorced four times

    why in hell would anyone marry four times?

    I know a few that have married three times. Seems stubborn.


    I worked with a woman who was on her third husband in hear early thirties. She was a total bitch who married young divorced, married a rich guy left him when he got cancer and then married an ever richer guy.....I wonder what happened to her...

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