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  1. Like I told the goob, I'm sure many males find you attractive. I just don't know any.
  2. After eight years in a cage I bet it won't look like that. Anyone ever put you in a cage, only to torment you. Or have you never met the borg. 8247
  3. Hi_Jinx


    I'm not blind. I know the difference between reality and fantasy. Do you? You draw me here to mock me. Humiliate me. Kick me down the stairs because its funny to watch others hurt. Isn't it fun to watch others with less. Do you go to the zoo to poke the animals? You bite others, then lie with an apology. Lets laugh at the retarded. You eat,shit and leave, not me. I have always replied to anyone who has said anything to me. I have never intentionally hurt anyone. To prove that, post it. You get into others lives and steal from them. Set them up to fail. Just like Othello. I've lost everything. Can't even feed myself. Isn't that funny! Face down in a cesspool. Sucking it up. Don't ya love it! Can ya get enough! Living off others now. What a show! To the dregs! How big you are. Finally found someone who can't fight back. You broken everything. No money. No friends. Can't even afford hope. And you on top. What kind of monster. Destroy more families. Destroy more lives. Go on destroying. I know you. I see the trail of dead. I'm the one who said reality is abritrary. I tried to show that. It doesn't mean I have to accept it! But the only reality that matters is yours. no longer have a choice do I. You made sure of that. Now real people are going to kill each other. Because you can't let them be. More lives accosted. More loss. What do you care. Its never enough is it. So much hate. So much blather about standing tallest when stooping to help others. What do you know about pain. What have you ever lost.
  4. I think the twilight series showcases the worst ideals of todays society. For both males and females. Maybe it should be required viewing, as a warning.
  5. Best set list I've seen in a hundred years.
  6. QUOTE (spirit of radio @ Apr 22 2010, 05:02 PM) QUOTE (Mara @ Apr 22 2010, 07:31 AM)Hmm, I don't see them splitting MP with the break. I figure it will either close the first set or open the second. That would make perfect sense Apparently we need predictions for the obvious Speaking of Captain obvious. You Like mechanical dogs. And Drink Piss.
  7. Interesting, and probably correct that the entire album will be played in one set. Either before or after the break. So, I will guess that the first set ends side one of MP and the second set opens with TCE.
  8. There really is nothing to compare. Sonic range? Musicality? Experience? Wouldn't it be easier to contrast them?
  9. Pretty, melodic and yet ultimately, empty. A well produced album. And when listened to in it's entirety a good album. Unfortunately however, for this reporter, mechanical. Formulaic. Like mass produced candy. And if not for the AC/DC Hells Bells like hints through Working at Perfekt, perfectly forgettable.
  10. This was a tough choice. Most of the songs have a flash of real passion to them. Insightful, thoughtful and emotive. It reaches people on a gut level. Instinctual and raw sometimes, but always affecting. Few can really listen to this album and not feel something.
  11. Special 'K' ...for those times when it matters.
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