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  1. It's on the 1999 King Biscuit "Best of the Best" compilation shown here: Best Of The Best (Welcome To The King Biscuit Flower Hour) (1999, CD) - Discogs. It seems to be the version on the ESL video, but I haven't heard it so can't comment on whether it is the same or how the sound quality compares with the video version...
  2. Hi All. Like many of you on here I've always enjoyed ESL (it was actually the album that first got me into Rush within the first 5 seconds of playing it), but was irritated by its various failings (too short, tracks in wrong order, fades between songs, etc.). Anyway, the recent PW and MP reissues have finally given us the chance to recreate ESL as I think it should have been released originally, including removing the annoying fades, adding back Geddy's song intros and most importantly expanding it to a decent length. I have now put together my own version of ESL, which for me is now the definitive version. Although the Toronto live set is great in its own right, I think there is space for both this and ESL in order to showcase ESL as a "best of two tours" compilation. Although it is almost all from officially released material (and for authenticity I have used ESL CD and video versions of tracks where available), I have slightly cheated by using part of the St. Louis show from 1980 in the end medley (and BTW I think the transition works really well!). The tracklist I have used (with sources for anyone who is interested in making their own) is as follows: 1. 2112 Overture (from Edmonton '81 on 2112 Deluxe edition); 2. Temples of Syrinx (from Edmonton '81 on 2112 Deluxe edition); 3. Freewill (from ESL); 4. Limelight (from ESL DVD, with intro from MP40); 5. A Passage to Bangkok (from ESL, with intro from Manchester 1980 from PW40); 6. Jacob's Ladder (from ESL); 7. The Camera Eye (from MP40); 8. YYZ (from ESL, with intro from MP40); 9. Broon's Bane (from ESL); 10. The Trees (from ESL); 11. Xanadu (from ESL); 12. The Spirit of Radio (from ESL); 13. Red Barchetta (from ESL); 14. Cygnus X-1 Book I (from PW40); 15. Cygnus X-1 Book II (from PW40); 16. Closer to the Heart (from ESL); 17. Beneath, Between & Behind (from ESL); 18. Tom Sawyer (from ESL, with intro from MP40); 19. Vital Signs (from New World Man B-side); 20. Natural Science (from MP40); 21. Medley: Working Man/Finding My Way/Anthem/Bastille Day/By-Tor & The Snow Dog/In The End/In The Mood/2112 Grand Finale (WM to BD from St Louis '80, BT to GF from ESL DVD; 22. La Villa Strangiato (from ESL). The whole show runs for just over 2.5 hours and fits perfectly onto 2 CDs for whose who still use them (split after Red Barchetta). Let me know what you think...
  3. Not sure about influences on Rush for the Xanadu intro, but the opening few minutes of Trial of Tears by Dream Theater sounds very similar to the intro of Xanadu, especially in some of the live versions. No surprise, given that DT are huge Rush fans...
  4. Hi - I have also made up a playlist based on the Moving Pictures tour using the following sources (mostly official) which I think comes as close to a full 1981 show as we're going to get unless they release one next year with the MP40 anniversary edition: 2112: Overture/Temples of Syrinx - from 2112 Deluxe edition Freewill - ESL Limelight - ESL DVD Hemispheres: Prelude - PW40, with ending spliced from Armageddon section Beneath, Between & Behind - ESL The Camera Eye - Time Machine Tour, pitched up by half a step YYZ - ESL Broon's Bane - ESL The Trees - ESL Xanadu - ESL The Spirit Of Radio - ESL Red Barchetta - ESL Closer To The Heart - ESL DVD Tom Sawyer - ESL Vital Signs - B-side of New World Man single Natural Science - PW40 Working Man - Kiel Auditorium 1980 Hemispheres: Armageddon - PW1980 Medley: By-Tor/In The End/In The Mood/2112 Finale - ESL DVD La Villa Strangiato - ESL
  5. I agree - would have been nice if the Agora show from August '74 (or something unreleased) had been added, with the Vault Edition of Working Man and the debut single, as a second disc, with the 2015 Magee remaster on disc 1. As for MP40 I'm hoping for the Magee remaster, a full live show from '81 (preferably Edmonton based on the tracks released already), plus a new 5.1 mix - any video extras from ESL would be nice too, but I'd be surprised if they still have the masters after all this time...
  6. Only on the PeW Tour - on the Hemispheres Tour they played the whole thing.
  7. I also really enjoyed the live tracks and have added the missing songs from the St Louis show to make up a full show, which sounds excellent. I’ve also added some of them into my copy of Exit Stage Left to make an expanded version (as these recordings were originally made for that album it seems to make sense...) Did anyone else notice Alex playing part of the riff from The Camera Eye right at the end of The Trees?
  8. I'm looking forward to this, having assumed (wrongly) that they would just release the St. Louis radio show again. Although it's only 80 minutes or so of new music, it will mean we can make up a couple of potentially very cool new compilations: First, a full 1980 set in official release quality (all tracks from new PeW set except where shown) 1. 2112 - from St. Louis pre-FM 2. Freewill 3. By-Tor & The Snow Dog 4. Xanadu 5. The Spirit of Radio 6. Natural Science 7. A Passage to Bangkok 8. The Trees 9. Cygnus X-1 10. Hemispheres 11. Closer to the Heart 12. Beneath, Between & Behind 13. Jacob's Ladder 14. Archives Medley (Working Man/Finding My Way/Anthem/Bastille Day/Drum Solo) - from St. Louis pre-FM 15. La Villa Strangiato - from St. Louis pre-FM Secondly, an expanded ESL, which should sound great (and isn't really cheating, as some of the existing ESL tracks are from the 1980 UK tour): 1. 2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx (Edmonton 1981 from 2112 40th anniversary) 2. Freewill (ESL) 3. Limelight (ESL DVD) 4. Jacob's Ladder (ESL) 5. A Passage to Bangkok (ESL) 6. YYZ (ESL) 7. Broon's Bane (ESL) 8. The Trees (ESL) 9. Xanadu (ESL) 10. The Spirit of Radio (ESL) 11. Red Barchetta (ESL) 12. Cygnus X-1 (PeW 40) 13. Hemispheres (PeW 40) 14. Closer to the Heart (ESL) 15. Beneath, Between & Behind (ESL) 16. Tom Sawyer (ESL) 17. Vital Signs (Live B-Side of New World Man) 18. Natural Science (PeW 40) 19. Medley: By-Tor & The Snow Dog/In The End/In The Mood/2112 Finale (ESL DVD) 20 La Villa Strangiato (ESL) This set comes in at about 2 hours 15 minutes, and could well be the "full show" that ESL should have been if they'd had CDs back in 1981!
  9. Sadly Ginger Baker has passed away - link here, with a nice quote from Neil: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-49827436
  10. IMHO, the best and most complete bootlegs from each tour for sound quality are as follows (feel free to disagree!) Rush Tour - Fifth Order of Angels (Cleveland 8/26/74) Fly By Night - Bad Boys in Cleveland (5/15/75) Caress of Steel - Stainless Steel (Rockford, 11/15/75 - terrible quality, but only one!) 2112 - Tuning Man (Springfield 5/30/76) ATWAS - By-Tor's Battle V.02 (Seattle 10/25/76) and The Work of Gifted Hands (Fresno 11/28/76) with By-Tor/Necromancer and Twilight Zone) AFTK - Ron's Vault Release 5 (Fresno 9/28/77) Archives - Niagara Falls Revisited (Niagara 5/10/78) Hemispheres - Universe Divided (Offenbach 5/28/79) and Buenos Nochas Motor City (Detroit 12/2/78) with uncut Cygnus Books 1 & 2 and Circumstances) Perm Waves - One Year Later and Another Hostage Released (Inglewood 3/10/80) Pre-Moving Pictures - Something Old, Something New Remastered (Allentown 9/30/80) Moving Pictures - Chicago Definitive(Chicago 3/1/81) and Anaheim Definitive (6/16/81) Exit Stage Left - Hartford 12/20/81 and Freewill & A Broken String (Brighton 1/12/81) Signals - Hartford 1st Generation Remaster (1/4/83) GUP - Cool Under Fire (Largo 9/27/84), Experience 2 Extremes (Milwaukee 6/25/84) Power Windows - Mid-American Dreams Platinum Edition(Milwaukee 3/24/86) HYF - Birmingham '88 Remaster Presto - The Hartford (5/8/90) RTB - Mirrors (Oakland 1/30/92), Vital Dreams (Charlotte 6/14/92) Counterparts - lots, but Nuts & Bolts (Madison 4/2/94) is the best T4E - Great Woods & Summer Skies (Mansfield 6/23/97), Bigger & Better in Texas (Houston 12/5/96 - "B" set) Vapor Trails - One Big Victory (Atlanta 10/13.02) R30 - 30 Years Strong (Antioch 5/26/04) Snakes & Arrows - Master of Stockholm (10/27/07) Clockwork Angels - Clockwork Angeles (11/19/12) R40 - lots, but Chicago, MSG and Newark are great!
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