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  1. there were some tears in the audience all right.
  2. I went too. Now I miss them bad all over again. Geddy showed a lot of emotion I thought.
  3. Funny you should say that...it's where I get my inspiration me too...and do a lot of reading.
  4. Gosh I love Presto Small government is a good thing! Carry on
  5. I had dinner with my son. He's 16. He bought dinner, nothing fancy or expensive, but considering he gets minimum wage, it was special.
  6. Ha ha, yes, who doesn't want to hear that they are good looking and sexy at any age?? :D I'm sure they secretly love it!
  7. What happens when someone answers YES to something you did? a great question. Ideally, one would use the input to do some introspection.
  8. this is heartbreaking I always knew I'd manage to take a selfie one day...! :P LOVE this!
  9. that is an excellent explanation! Might borrow that sometime.
  10. I told my son I thought the hymns in the traditional service at church were boring. I could go either way on that.
  11. SINNER!!! Yes bad parent, bad! I just love you, I really do. No, the bad parent is the one that taught him to ask if something is appropriate. He's too young to be asking that.
  12. I funded the R40 trip with my child's college savings. Pretty sure I'm a bad parent for that, but at least I took him with me! Plus I'll pay it back.
  13. I listen to Megadeth in the car with my son on the way to church. Does this make me a bad parent?
  14. Vengeance Because the verse "Vengeance is mine, I will repay" in the Bible, for when I need to curb any temptation to retaliate. And because in 8th grade I won the spelling bee because I could spell it because I had been reading a lot.
  15. This thread is making me feel stupid. I just use whatever ear buds are handy. I listen through my phone mostly. Head phones tend to hurt my ears, is this just me? I liked that bass heavy option. Where would I go for something like that. Best buy?
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