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  1. She will be greatly missed. :(
  2. My picks: Immune: War and Actung Baby Eliminate: The last 2
  3. Merry Christmas! :hug2:
  4. I started watching The Morning Show on Apple TV last night and I'm really liking it so far!
  5. He will be greatly missed. :rose:
  6. Thinking of you. :hug2:
  7. A girl I work with is a big podcast listener. She wrote some down for me to check out. Today I listened to History of the 90s - Woodstock 99 and Grunge - Part 1 episodes. Both were great! Found out stuff I didn't know. Listening to Grunge Part 2 tomorrow!
  8. Happy Birthday!! :cheerleader:
  9. Sending prayers your way. :hug2:
  10. This was absolutely amazing! And I got a little sentimental. I could definitely watch this more than once!
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