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  1. That's certainly a valid question. The Les Pauls are likely new and part of his line with Gibson. The white ES355 he's had since the mid 70s but I'm not sure if it's the original. He had a tobacco ES355 waaaaay back in the day, but I'm not sure if that's the original. I think the double neck is new and modeled like his one from the 70s. The other guitars are new...I don't remember him ever playing a Telecaster in the 70s. Vintage instruments definately have a 'cool' retro factor. But I think they're probably more finicky for serious road use 30-40 years later. the 355 is THE 355, not a reissue, so is the '68 355 from the encore. You think Jimmy Page's no1 lester is "finicky"? Nope...Well maintained guitars get better with age for the most part.
  2. everyone here feels the same way....
  3. Well a straight flac rip from a master. A flac rip from a cd is going to sound exactly the same. Let's make sure the demarcation is clear. Ok...you go ahead and do that.
  4. Not really news telling people that a flac sounds better than a CD. The vinyl still sounds better than flac anyways...but I'm glad you care OP.
  5. LedRush...you too should learn how to read, you silly c***.
  6. Wow...of all the stupid things I've read on this forum, this one takes the cake. It's so awful I can't tell if it is intended to be funny or just asinine. " duuhh I played du drums once, I know about dem"... Jeesus titty f-ing Christ. I'd love to see what the dingleberries who talk shit would say if they ran into Pratt in public. " oh, Hi...Hi GOD of all things drum and drumming. I love your music- but I am an ass clown coward and talk shit about you online, on a f-o-r-u-m, mostly because I have no life, friends or talent..but I love your music."
  7. Not the heaviest, fastest or hardest. Just the most powerful: it make you air guitar, air drum (and even air violin) and/or tear up. Class dismissed.
  8. Anything between 1974 and 2012 I'd say. By-Tor is pretty heavy.
  9. So mine just came and it's pretty darn amazing. I have all the others- 2112, MP, FBN, AFTK...and they are also cool. The thing that is the most appealing is the 5.1 Master Audio mixes of the blu ray discs. Many sound like a completely different mix of the orignal, Ged's voice in particular sounds quite different. You can select the PCM audio option, and it sounds the same as you already know it, just better quality. But the Master Audio versions are really cool- it's almost like a "new" Rush album. The Signals one is just stellar, especially for those who have a solid system to play music through. Losing It and Countdown are mind-blowing. The Countdown mix startled me at first, helicopters and space shuttles all over the place. Losing It has a TON of layered acoustic guitar parts that really stand out. For you youngins- music is really not best played on your phone through earbuds or in you car. MP3 and other ripped music sounds like dogshit. Sorry, just stating the facts. Anyone with a 5.1 (or higher) system who has not yet checked the Blu Ray audio discs owes it to their unnier Rush fan to snag them, especially the Signlas copy! My dog Zoso does not however like the 5.1 mixes, she barks at them as if all the little keyboard or other FX that are nuanced here and there are people knocking at our door.
  10. Akron civic eh? how about 1977 cleveland public hall on the KINGS tour?
  11. the outro riff on countdown is one of my top 5 Lerxt moments...so to speak.
  12. To me, that song is way too dated, and I'm pretty sure I remember reading a comment from one of the guys that the band felt the same way. I'm really glad they didn't play it. Wow, that's about the silliest thing i've ever heard. awesome song, played WAAAYYYYY too little. i'd take that number over about 80% of the first set.
  13. that's "annoyed" dumbass... what is so hard for people to comprehend? bashing Rush is lame. many tools do it, easy from behind the computer. i'd LOVE to see some of the haters say one negative thing to any of their faces. pussies... Thanks for proving my point. I never even said anything negative about Rush, just you...dumbass wow..."burn"
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