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  1. As great as some of this is, it just isn't up to the quality they've produced from By The Way onward...controversial, I know!
  2. A bit of Canadian Blues! Haven't heard this in a while.
  3. No, not heard of them. What's your take on 'Duck'?
  4. How time has changed my perception of theses songs. I like them all. However, upon release, I gravitated to the 'bigger songs' Dark Necessities, Goodbye Angels, Go Robot, etc Now my favourites are: Dreams Of A Samurai Feasting On The Flowers We Turn Red Detroit This Ticonderoga
  5. Largest city in Australia, Sydney, to coastal Moruya, about 200 miles. Totally different life!
  6. A Farewell To Kings The Trees
  7. Mission A Farewell To Kings
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