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  1. Ghetto RedHot: The channel for all your booger flickin' needs.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd78k_5C8jQ Comment: Fab4ForLife62 3 months ago How come there's never a ghost that cleans house? Now, that would be cool. :laughing guy: That vid...basically what happened.
  3. Oh. F**k. Me. I totally forgot about that. So, shit. Now what do I do? Actually, I don't live there anymore. So I don't have much to work with here. Oh well. I guess my mom'll figure something out. I mean I haven't heard much from her. So, I guess something might've just happened. Or is it me? Or...Christ. You know what? I'll figure it out on another day. For now: back to homework.
  4. My good lord!!! The poltergeist is back peoples!!! Julie's back!!! Oh Lord Jesus!!! And I found the thread! Yay! Okay, so I haven't been updating this yet since I moved. But, let me explain. I spent the Christmas vacation at my moms this year. And I figure I spend the last night there before I leave. So I did. I haven't heard any major problems with her since I left til tonight. And boy howdy, she's pissed. I think anyway. I went to sleep in my old bedroom and I hear something. I figure it's just her messing around or my mom watching tv or something. So I go back to sleep. And then, I hear some sort of collapse. So I come out of my room, and my mom and sister come too, and...wait for it...THE KITCHEN'S A MESS!!! Pots, pans, broken glass, plates, on the floor, cabinets open, etcetra. Mom said this never happened before. So, what the hell is going on?!?! PS I don't have the EVP anymore, my friend does, and he's in California.
  5. At least mine aren't, I'm ashamed to say. Ever accidentally sleep through New Years?
  6. Yes Is your computer wallpaper a picture of something "Rush" related?
  7. Pluto is a planet! And anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Lie
  8. Canada may be nice, but this Christmas, they're naughty.
  9. Wishing you all a happy RUSH day! Do something special at 21:12!
  10. Happy bday YL!!!! :cheers: :cheerleader:
  11. It's a long story why I am asking this. Is it illegal to share your Netflix password? I just overheard my friend saying this. So I thought, I know! Ask Rush fans! They'll know! So, is it true. And...why?
  12. On a serious note, I've seen that pic before. Heard she got the Star Wars grand tour. Gotta say, I was a wee jealous. And from the person she is, I'm kinda jealous for the guys giving her the grand tour! :P
  13. (Don't kill me for this) I personally prefer newer Rush albums (1989-) than earlier albums. But my favorite is YYZed! Trith
  14. My handwriting's all caps. And I used to use another handwriting, just normal. I can also write in script. http://i.imgur.com/r32LF.jpg
  15. This one goes to LIX for: "Throwing out the first pitch really takes some balls... well, one at least." You're up!
  16. Happy birthday Rocket! :cheers: :cheerleader:
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