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  1. I didn't insult you once in this topic and you've insulted me numerous times. You've called me ignorant, idiot, clown. You haven't proven me wrong and you're resorting to insults because you obviously can't provide a single fact against what I said. That tells a lot more about you than it does about me. Also, there is such a thing as 2nd (or more) degree humor, you read my joke way too literally. My joke was not about insulting people I percieved to be less cool than me, it was about the absurd notion of ADHD because the term ADHD itself is a complete joke and therefore I don't see anything wrong with using it as a joke. That was your interpretation of what I said and not what I meant. I didn't expect anyone to understand what I meant and I didn't care. I find it hilarious that you feel like insulting me due to a sentence I didn't give much thought too. My joke wasn't clear at all but I have since explained what my position is very clearly. Now as I said, there are a few people who've worked in the field of psychiatry who agree with pretty much everything I said so dismissing me or people who disagree with you as ignorant is missing the point completely. Some psychiatrists are smart enough to understand that there are many possible reasons why children who were diagnosed with ADHD behave the way they behave, they too have worked with people who fit the criteria for ADHD so again they're not ignorant. They don't call any so-called mental illness an illness despite being aware of the results of studies about depression or schizophrenia showing brain scans because again, these brain scans aren't a proof of any illness. Here's a debate from 1998 (the points made would be exactly the same today) which illustrates my points on the following question : "Is Depression A Disease ?", 3 people say no and 2 of them are psychatrists. Those who say no also think there is no such thing as mental illness. http://www.szasz.com...transcript.html You're obviously not interested in any of this and this is my last message on this topic because I'm not interested in continuing a conversation with someone who's repeatedly insulted me, apparently because he misunderstood my joke, and/or because he disagrees with me about what ADHD is and thinks that my point of view is based on ignorance when it clearly isn't.
  2. Why is it "crappy"? Because you don't like it? If the kids at the party weren't diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and you're using the term as shorthand for something else, you're a colossal ignoramus. Hey Tuesday... You've just been schooled by a Learn from it! I'm gonna write a wall of text totally unrelated to the initial subject of this thread just because I can I am always willing to learn and admit it when I'm wrong. But there is nothing to learn from what he said as I am far from being uninformed about subjects such as the notion of mental illness and many things related to psychiatry. I just happen to disagree completely with the notion of mental illness. I completely understand why what I said led you to believe that I was uninformed about this matter. When you go to a psychiatrist, he wants to hear how you behave and that's about it. They just look in their book, the DSM, to see if the problem you describe fits a diagnosis. Mental illnesses are literally voted into existence so this is not science. Supposedly, when someone is mentally ill, he has brain lesions but that's just a theory which has never been proven. So in order to make a diagnosis, they have to use a book in which they have decided to view problems of living as symptoms of supposed illnesses. Go to another psychiatrist and you're likely to get a different diagnosis. Homosexuality only stopped being considered a mental illness in 1973. Why ? It's not due to advances in psychiatry but because homosexuality became more accepted socially as an acceptable behaviour. A real doctor whose approach is scientific is interested in demonstrable anatomical or physiological lesions to find out if you have a disease, he doesn't want to hear how you behave. Also, in case you think that my opinion is only shared by people who are completely ignorant about the science behind psychiatry, I suggest that you do some research about Thomas Szasz who also thinks that there is no such thing as mental illness. Thomas Szasz was a psychiatrist and professor emeritus of psychiatry. He's not the only person who's worked in this field to think that. Now, what I am not saying is that things like depression or schizophrenia are imaginary problems. These problems are very real and many people suffer from one or the other (or rather from the problems that these words describe). Including me, I've been depressed for the last 6 years and suffering from frightening feelings of unreality for just as long. I'm not here to complain but just to tell you that I am really suffering and not talking about things I haven't experienced myself, I'd describe my life as hell since I started experiencing these things. If I went to a psychiatrist and explained my issues to him, he would probably diagnose me with chronic depression and DPD (Depersonalization disorder). All I'm saying is that while the causes of these problems are often difficult to understand, an illness (called mental illness or mental disorder in psychiatry) doesn't seem to me the most likely explanation for these issues. Very often, people who suffer from these issues (depression for example) can remember when they started to change and have some kind of idea of what might have triggered/caused it. Maybe I'm wrong. But I've never been proven to be wrong so far. Of all the so-called mental illnesses listed in the DSM, not a single one has been proven to be an illness despite the fact that psychatry has existed for a long time now. You've likely heard that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance but this isn't true. Like everything I say, don't believe it, do your own research and find out for yourself. Now, when I said "these ADHD kids", this was a joke that doesn't represent what I think at all. On the contrary, I don't like the idea of labelling people. I don't like using that word, just like I don't like using the words depression or depersonalization (issues I'm familiar with) because each person is unique and the experience is slightly different for everyone. We don't all fall into clear-cut categories. I think that the human mind is extremely complex and trying to put everything in little boxes is the wrong thing to do. Also, here's an extract about ADHD from Wikipedia which is laughable : With school being what it is, it's pretty damn hard to be interested in it until you reach the age when you can study something related to the job you want to do. I've always had trouble to focus at school because most of the time, what I was studying didn't interest me in the least. Also, there are so many things that you are forced to study when you're young and I knew that I would never use a lot of that later in my life. I rarely did my homework because I had things more interesting and more important to do. I never thought that I had a problem. I'm sure many people can relate to that. But for something to be considered a mental illness, it doesn't necessarily have to be a problem according to the person experiencing it, it can also be a behaviour that is not acceptable in the society in which we live like homosexuality was decades ago for example. I read stories about people who've been diagnosed with ADHD and realized later how stupid this is and that they're not ill. Krishnamurti put it really well when he said : "It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society".
  3. I'll sum up my thoughts about this album in 2 words : Hell yeah !
  4. Why is it "crappy"? Because you don't like it? If the kids at the party weren't diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and you're using the term as shorthand for something else, you're a colossal ignoramus. lol maybe I know damn well what ADHD is and I wasn't being serious.
  5. It may have worked for you, but that doesn't mean it would for others too. Personally I can only say, chance is very high I would have never listened to anything else of Rush after hearing Stick It Out or for that matter the whole Counterparts. I think people should always start with the classic stuff, generally for any band, because that's the stuff that got them famous, which usually happens for a reason. +1 I consider myself a Rush fan and I hate Stick It Out personally
  6. I just found this, this looks interesting and I'm gonna try :) http://rateyourmusic.com/list/Adveser/how_to_fix_rushs_xanadu_pitch/
  7. By about a 1/2 of a semi-tone if that tells you anything. It's right in between E and F. lol, thanks for that useful answer, I understand what it means but it's not the answer I was expecting According to you it's half a semi-tone higher as a result of speeding it up but I think that the question was how much did they speed it up to get that result ? What I'm saying is that the track is 11:07 long and maybe it was 11:15 long or something before speeding it up. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to know by how much they sped it up though.
  8. You'll find everything you need to know and more on this website : http://www.catalienconspiracy.com/
  9. Tripping balls, being one with the universe bro. I am in everything, and everything is in me, except there is no me. No, just kidding
  10. I was at a small party which I regret coming to and everyone was putting that crappy dubstep music. I decided to put La Villa Strangiato because I don't give a damn what anyone thinks. To my surprise, these ADHD kids thought it was amazing.
  11. I'm surprised to see so few people mentioning Hemispheres. For some reason, I always thought that most people here loved that cover.
  12. I don't but I don't think it's weird/gross. That being said, it depends where you kiss him.
  13. One of the best songs they've ever written imo
  14. He would have learned it by ear from listening to it on the album years ago. That's the typical way to learn it unless it's classical music which is usually written down. Rush wouldn't have written their music down when they composed it. Is that true? None of their music is written down? How do they remember it? I guess for the songs they have really forgotten, they listen to it and are able to figure it by ear ? I may be wrong though.
  15. I'm pretty sure it's fine, it's not going to ruin anyone's show ;)
  16. Thanks for the explanation, it was hard for me to understand with the music playing while he was talking.
  17. I'm so sick of people like you who complain about those who complain about the complainers. So you are complaining about people who complain about the complainers complaining about the complainers? Whew. Something like that yeah, gonna find some doliprane now
  18. I'm so sick of people like you who complain about those who complain about the complainers.
  19. I think that's impossible. I don't think a lot of people appreciate it as much as it deserves to be appreciated. Personally, I love the album. It went multi-platinum, had a monster hit single which is still a radio staple, and is treated with such reverence on this site that even suggesting that it was less than great is worthy of vitriol. Personally, I see it as the band's 5th or 6th worst album, but that view is in the super-minority around here. It should be. It was well on it's way to being the last inarguably great album they released until 2012 rolled around. Inarguably really ? Is this supposed to be your strange humor again or are you implying that you are the world teacher and anyone who disagrees with you is fundamentally wrong ?
  20. http://cdn.makeagif.com/media/7-09-2015/B96jgR.gif
  21. 90% of the albums I own were either recorded in the late 60's, the 70's or the 80's. So most of the music I like was written way before I was born.
  22. Dog Years I'd rather be a tortoise from Galapagos Or a span of geological time Than be living in these dog years
  23. In no particular order, the ones that come to mind are : Fly By Night, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Grace Under Pressure, Test For Echo, Vapor Trails. My favorite is probably Hemispheres, I love me some naked guy standing on a brain
  24. I just watched the Grace Under Pressure Tour DVD, Rush is so f**king amazing :haz: :haz: :haz: I'm gonna watch A Show Of Hands now.
  25. Tuesday's Gone

    Geddy's hair

    I just don't care much how my favorite musicians look I guess. But I'll stop being a party pooper now.
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