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  1. Fixed. You're right about the Speed of Love, but The Weapon is just plain :zzz: (to me) Tell that to Lorraine
  2. I agree. Maybe if the tempo was increased it wouldn't be so dull.
  3. Armor and Sword kicks ass. War Paint is actually one of my favorites from Presto.
  4. This is another good example. I usually can't make it halfway through this song
  5. We all know several songs are dragged down by sub par lyrics by Neil. But what's your least favorite Rush song musically? Mine would probably be Good News First. That song does nothing for me and puts me right to sleep musically and lyrically.
  6. I thought the strings added a good and interesting new element to the music (especially the CA material.) What do you guys think?
  7. I think it's the best song on the album actually. I think Far Cry is a good song but it's just been played to death. TMMB is also good. I have A&S second to Workin' Them Angels. Oh yes forgot about Workin them Angels. That's a great tune!
  8. I think it's the best song on the album actually. I think Far Cry is a good song but it's just been played to death. TMMB is also good.
  9. Anyone else love this song? It rocks so hard and is a great all around song IMO.
  10. Geddy posted two pictures on his Instagram today of him playing a '63 sonic blue P bass and a '58 P bass in Tokyo. Maybe we'll hear him playing a P bass on the next album?
  11. I like the R40 version of TCE but in the main section it sounds empty with Alex's acoustic affect and Geddy yodeling away.
  12. I wouldn't mind a new drummer but Geddy still sounds fine in the studio.
  13. I did mine based on setlist, production, and performance.
  14. 2 for me - Kansas City and Lincoln. I didn't think anything could top Lincoln, but Kansas City was like a religious experience
  15. Is all you post about Geddy's aging voice? Honestly I got used to it after a while, and R40 Live isn't even close to his worst vocal performance (Time Machine, Clockwork Angels Tour.) I think we understand by now how much you can't stand his voice because it's pretty much the only thing you post about.
  16. The way they performed it live all summer gave me a new fondness for it; I really enjoyed Alex's work in it as well. :) I preferred the R40 version because it was all electric guitar unlike the S&A Tour.
  17. IMO it started getting better at Animate which was a surprising stand out for me.
  18. Cancel your preorder in "Manage Preorders" under your account info on iTunes and then buy it. I had the same issue.
  19. That is expected. I have to wait till Christmas for the Blu Ray :(
  20. The Toronto shows were definitely not the best on the tour. Still love the new live album!
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