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    The Trees

    Excellent music, excellent playing, unusual but intriguing lyrics. It's about as Rushy as it gets. What more could you ask for?
  2. I really hope Rush is really "doing something soon." I miss them :(
  3. It kinda looks like his gut has gone away a bit. That's a good thing for sure!
  4. Countdown I lack their smiles and their diamonds
  5. Far Cry Armor and Sword Workin' them Angels The Larger Bowl Spindrift The Main Monkey Business The Way the Wind Blows Hope Faithless Bravest Face Good News First Malignant Narcissism We Hold On Hold Your Fire
  6. Roll the Bones Christ, what have you done?
  7. to profit from youthful mistakes
  8. I'm gonna gush over Vapor Trails. I love this album's raw emotion. The emotion is what makes it so good to me. You can tell they were going through a difficult time while making it. I also love how HEAVY it is. Probably Rush's most metal album. I know that a lot of people dislike it but I grew up listening to Vapor Trails in the car and have always loved it. Top 10 Rush album for me, maybe even top 5.
  9. Was pleasantly surprised to hear Roll the Bones on Classic Rewind XM Channel 25 :D
  10. Lincoln: Alex came over to Ged's mic during 2112 and started imitating Ged's high voice. Kansas City: Alex dancing around like a little girl before What You're Doing and also Alex talking to his dinosaurs during Subdivisions.
  11. *hugs* JTLYN it is : hug2 : without the spaces. there you go :)
  12. The one thing I was looking forward to this month was cancelled. Which basically means this whole month will end up as a shitfest.
  13. Headlong for Echo Armor and War Lock and Dreams Middletown Strings
  14. Animate Stick it Out Cut to the Chase Nobody's Hero Between Sun and Moon Alien Shore The Speed of Love Double Agent Cold Fire Leave that thing Alone Everyday Glory Roll the Bones
  15. Just wanted to say that Cold Fire is a beautiful song!
  16. Glad to see Vapor Trails up there :D
  17. As others have said, there is greatness in every album. My favorite album will switch periodically. Right now that album is Hold Your Fire.
  18. Best album since HYF. Great tour to go with it as well.
  19. Good time to listen to Feedback. :) Or, maybe not. It might make you feel worse. I actually enjoy their cover of Summertime Blues. It's a good song :)
  20. I can tell that was during Red Barchetta but I don't know why
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