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  1. giphy.gif


    Looks like he's saying "bacon."



    This is strangely hypnotic ... I can't stop watching... Now it looks like he is saying, "It's pee, oh.."


    Or it's me now?

    I think he's saying Crispito. Maybe I'm just hungry :LOL:

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  2. Has anyone gushed about Natural Science yet? I don't know how we could have missed it, but it's possible.


    Feel free. :)

    Natural Science is a masterpiece. The musicianship is off the charts and the songwriting is perfection. The lyrics are interesting as well. It's definitely Rush at their finest.

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  3. I feel the sense of possibilities

    I feel the wrench of hard realities

    The focus is sharp in the city


    The pilot of Enola Gay

    Flying out of the shockwave

    On that August day

    All the powers that be

    And the course of history

    Would be changed forever more

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