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  1. According to RIAB, there have been adds advertising the full playing of the R40 Live audio on Classic Rewind (channel 25) on Sirius XM tomorrow night at 6 PM (eastern I assume?) Here's the info:



    Any word if there are any band interviews with this?


    Otherwise, I'll just wait until it shows up.

    Not sure, but adds state it'll premiere on Classic Rewind tomorrow on the Pat St. John show, but the thing is the Pat St. John show is tonight so maybe it premieres in 45 minutes :LOL:

  2. Gee, I've missed all the shameless self-promotion!

    and I've missed all the ridiculous comments on the band making mistakes live on Periscope this tour.


    Love ya chick!!! No seriously...I love you

    I missed it. Can I get a couple of the ridiculous comments?

    There were tons of them. All like, Alex missed this or that note, Geddy f***ed up this or that line, and Neil bungled this or that fill.

    I still love the whole Periscope experience. It was a great way to catch a glimpse of the tour, and some of those nights were unforgettable. :hail:

    I miss those nights dearly...

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  3. I guess i dont have to buy the DVD, they will release it all for me

    At least they're mostly releasing big hits instead of what we're really buying it for (Hemispheres, Xanadu, Cygnus X-1, 2112, Jacob's Ladder, Losing It, Lakeside Park)


    They did release Jacob's Ladder.

    Except that one :LOL:

  4. I guess i dont have to buy the DVD, they will release it all for me

    At least they're mostly releasing big hits instead of what we're really buying it for (Hemispheres, Xanadu, Cygnus X-1, 2112, Jacob's Ladder, Losing It, Lakeside Park)

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  5. Yeah some of you people cant admit. geddys voice blows now. to me, the last time he sounded good was the first leg of the snakes and arrows tour. The time machine tour wasn't needed. But he really sounded god awful on the 2 songs they did on rock n roll hall of fame.. Yeah, he voice also just changed and he struggles and just whines rather than sing. No one here could ever use geddy as a great singer in an argument against many great singers. Rush fans are like sport team fans. no matter how bad they go they still have loyal fan base..

    I realize he definitely can't sing like he used to. I also realize that he's in is 60's and for his age sounds pretty damn good. Sure, the singing isn't the best nowadays but I'm still gonna enjoy listening to Rush regardless of the flaws.

  6. Worst song they've released yet. He's mumbling all the words. It's too bad they couldn't have dropped this song years ago. It's been so tough for him to sing the last 10 years or so.

    I agree he still has some mush-mouth. But I think this is light years ahead of the previous 2 versions.

  7. It sounds fine; nothing too horrid. Oddly enough, I think the roughest vocals will be found on the newer material. Definitely OLV, and parts of The Anarchist.

    Yeah those are the real toughies for him to sing. Far Cry sounds bad now as well.

  8. T4E has a lot of disparity. Half the album is just amazing. T4E, Driven, and Time & Motion are three all time greats in my book. Limbo, Half The World, and Resist are good songs. The rest of T4E is pretty lame. I don't think there is another Rush album that has such strong material, while some material is utter crap.

    A lot of people make it seem that everything after p/g is crap when they just got less consistent with good songs. There's still some fantastic songs on the less-liked albums.

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  9. 17


    6/16/84 - Kemper Arena, KC (Grace Under Pressure)

    4/29/85- Kemper Arena, KC (Power Windows)

    4/7/88 - Kemper Arena, KC (Hold Your Fire)

    3/3/90 - Kemper Arena, KC (Presto)

    6/20/90 - Civic Auditorium, Omaha (Presto)

    11/6/91 - Expocenter, Topeka (Roll The Bones)

    5/23/92 - Kemper Arena, KC (Roll The Bones)

    6/12/92 - Riverport Amphitheater, St. Louis (Roll The Bones)

    5/4/94 - Kemper Arena, KC (Counterparts)

    6/7/97 - Sandstone Amphitheater, Bonner Springs (Test For Echo)

    7/20/02 - Tweeter Center, Tinley Park (Vapor Trails)

    6/13/04 - Sandstone Amphitheater, Bonner Springs (R30)

    8/23/07 - Sandstone Amphitheater, Bonner Springs (Snakes & Arrows)

    6/7/08 - Starlight Theatre, KC (Snakes & Arrows)

    7/1/10 - Starlight Theatre, KC (Time Machine)

    8/4/13 - Sprint Center, KC (Clockwork Angels)

    7/9/15 - Sprint Center, KC (R40)

    8/4/13 and 7/9/15 were magical shows. Especially when Paul Rudd came onstage for YYZ in 2013 :D

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  10. geddy is there today. alex is there today too.

    Did you see them?


    on tv in their usual seats! not looking happy by the end of the game, obviously.

    I looked for them but I didn't see them :(


    That's cause they knew you were looking for them and hid. :LOL: :lol: :LOL: ;) ;) ;)

    No, it's that I can barely recognize Geddy with his hair in a bun :LOL:

  11. It's like the single version of Caravan sounds HUGELY better than the album version, but then someone else mixed it.

    Yeah the band talked about remixing Caravan and BU2B for the actual album. Headlong Flight sounded much better as a single too.

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