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    Motorcycle riding, golf, and of course drums

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    R40 PHX
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    November '96 (Test for Echo) 3rd row in front of Alex with my wife who was 7 months preggo
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    anything you can hit with sticks
  1. Wow, he’s gone. My fantasy of our paths crossing during on one of my back country excursions is gone. No More will I look at a BMW GS and wonder, is this the day. I played the scenario out in my mind a thousand times, I would be cool, act like I don’t know who he is or even who the band Rush is. We would share a smoke and discuss our travels. In hindsight, I’m sure it would have been more like a scene from Wayne’s World, “Were not worthy”. For the past week, I have been reading and listening to all the wonderful tributes. One thought has kept coming back to me during my reflection. Who influenced me to become a better drummer? Well of course it is Neil Peart. But how did that happen? I remember being that freshman in high school band class; you know, the one playing the base drum that was regulated down to “just play the cymbals”. I didn’t have enough rhythm to walk to class. Mr. Washburn was our band teacher. He was fresh from teaching school and still finding his groove connecting with his students. In an after school practice session he informed us we were going to listen to a new album he had just picked up. Rush instantly became my favorite band and Camera Eye was instantly my new favorite song. The light went off and I spent countless hours with the metronome I slowly improved. For the last 39 years I am still studying Neil Peart. Not only his drumming but also his writing. Mr. Washburn, Thank you for introducing me to the music of my Hero.
  2. Bose headphones, this is perfect
  3. I will be creating a new playlist as the evening progresses. I still can't believe that someone didn't play "bum" this week and get the set list...
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