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  1. I used to play a ton of Rush on Rock Band 3. My brother used to play the guitar, his girlfriend would play the drum part, and I'd play the bass parts. It was a blast! Wasn't what got me into playing music, but I did go back and download more Rush songs not too long ago...
  2. I think I'm missing Counterparts, Test For Echo, and Snakes & Arrows. Is Counterparts the one to get next?
  3. Uh, forgot to say I actually do have A Farewell To Kings! Sorry. My username is based off of "counterpoint," the musical function.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm a big fan, but I don't have all the studio albums yet. I have Rush, Caress of Steel, Fly By Night, 2112, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Signals, Grace Under Pressure, Power Windows, Hold Your Fire, Presto, Roll the Bones, Clockwork Angels, and Vapor Trails: Remixed. Assuming I could only buy one more for a while, which is the most integral addition? Thanks. :)
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