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  1. I was lucky enough to see Fairport with Dave Swarbrick I was a bit chocked when I played some Fairport last night . Such a great fella
  2. Saw Steven Wilson last week at Man.Apollo He talked about the album (4.5) as an E.P. more than an actual album There songs that just did`nt fit the concept or the feel for his last 2 albums So you can`t say that he`s lost it , far from it`s a great album ( E.P.) I bought it while I was there ;) http://i.imgur.com/ALmClil.jpg?1
  3. Smoke Fairies at The Soup Kitchen . http://i.imgur.com/fGJ5Svi.jpg
  4. That is a brilliant album ( for I have it ) Love Kraftwork Never seen them though . :(
  5. I.T.T.O.D was my first and sadly last "bought on release " Lep album so I have a bit of a soft spot for it But I think it`s the weakest of the albums Presence is brilliant ( except Candy Store Rock ) And I love Tea For One , bit shocked this album is not highly rated on here !
  6. This song is probably lost to our American cousins and beyond But the U.K. Workers was at arms with the Government and the whole country was put on a three day week and we were having Power cuts and it was like the end of the world sat round Candles almost every night Happy days . And this song was a great anthem for the workers and the working class https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjDxZqQhRBU
  7. Great Thread Lorraine ! :codger: I was 9 years old when I heard this and it blew my mind . And this had me intrigued ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FPn5noN_qs
  8. I love Prog so much I will try not to go on and on ... And on Sgt Pepper - The Beatles . Yes it is Prog in my eyes and it`s not rubbish or shit . All 70`s Rush * ( * Not Rush Rush though ) Close To The Edge - Yes . Going For The One - Yes Relayer - Yes Fragile - Yes Magnification - Yes Oxygene - Jean Micheal Jarre ( the greatest album ever that doe`nt feature a guitar !) Crime Of The Century - Supertramp . Maybe one of the most underrated Prog albums ever ! All Pink Floyd . ( except the last two and first two ) Court Of The Crimson King - King Crimson Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield Hergest Ridge - Mike Oldfield Tommy - The Who War Of The Worlds - Jeff Wayne Eldorado - E..L.O. Brain Salad Surgery - E.L.P. Warrior On the Edge Of Time - Hawkwind Aqualung - Jethro Tull Peter Gabriel . 3 - Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel 4 - Peter Gabriel Demons And Wizards - Uriah Heep Magician`s Birthday - Uriah Heep Amused To Death - Roger Waters Hounds Of Love - Kate Bush ( the 9th wave is as Prog as it gets in the 80`s ) OK Computer - Radiohead Awakening - The Reasoning The Race For Space - Public Broadcasting Service Dreamboat Annie - Heart ( borderline Prog ?) The Twenty Seven Club - Magenta Metamorphosis - Magenta Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots - The Flaming Lips The Raven That Refused To Sing - Steven Wilson ( one of the finest Prog albums in the last 20 years )
  9. Oh I see now . He has a new album to plug . No need to hear that as I know for a fact it will be rubbish and shit . I wonder if he has Mick Taylor backing him up like he had at Glastonbury . Which was Rubbish and shit . So shit that they must have burned the film reels that had the unfortunate job of filming the god awful set . I think I`m done now . I`m a Stones fan btw .
  10. He wasn't comparing the Beatles and the Stones. He ripped both Pepper and Satanic. I think his point was the Beatles and Stones got caught up in the whole Psychedelic movement and forgot to be rock and roll bands. I think he has a point, since the Stones and the Beatles both went back to their "roots" on the following albums - The Beatles and Beggars Banquet. I did`nt read it . I just get a bit naffed when you get people having a go at the greatest 40 minutes of music in Musical history That`s just my opinion of course . As I say though the Stones are not a band that can go round slagging off albums when most of theirs are just average . A great singles band 65- 83 and same goes as a live band about the sane period but really who goes to a Stones gig to listen to the new albums They became one of the first " Brand" bands and they really should not knock a band that gave them a leg up to get a label ! As for 1967 ! My god it has to be the greatest 12 Months of Music ever ! :finbar:
  11. Just wonder if he`s heard himself play guitar the last decade . Rubbish and shit would be a complement . I digress . Just like to know which album he thinks of the Stones that is better than Pepper ? The only Stones album that is worthy of "one of the greatest albums of all time " is Sticky Fingers and that`s just a good blues rock album which there are a hell of lot of "Blues rock " abums that blow that one out of the water . I`m a Stones fan BTW , so I know what I`m talking about . Unlike Keith .
  12. Familiarity breeds contempt in this case Back in the day Neil`s Solos blew your mind If you saw him doing a solo for the first time live at any stage in the Rush long career you will be in awe . But I think they are a bit too robotic over the last few years
  13. I bloody love E.L.O . Into them before Rush ! The songs I heard were Rockaria and Livin Thing and then Mr Blue Sky came out and that was it . Fan for life A New World Record is up there in my all time fav`s and love On The Third Day , Face The Music , Out Of The Blue and Eldorado are also brilliant And as for Telephone Line !
  14. :codger: :smoke: :ebert: Wow, how old is this pic? :) I was 19 . :D Apart from the hair color of my hair I almost past for a young Geddy . Reading Rock Festival 1981 . Headliners were Gillian , Greg Lake and The Kinks .
  15. Peace man ! http://i.imgur.com/QQr2BkK.jpg
  16. This is my fav Video of Jess`s Long Train Running . Miss You
  17. See ya Chris . http://i.imgur.com/P2GtBr3.jpg
  18. Wow ! You saw them that very night on the Ed Sullivan show If you ever want to share your experiences about your Fab 4 days I would love to hear them . I`m a Mod on a Beatle Forum and we love hearing from original fans . http://beatleforum.proboards.com/ sorry about the highjack .
  19. The Beatles . 1973 ( Had Hey Jude single at the tender age of 7 , 1969) Rush . 1978 ( January ) Pink Floyd . 1977 The Who . 1978 Yes . 1977
  20. I`ve got to admit that one time I laughed at the thought of people going to watch tribute bands . But hell I`ve seen loads of them over the years and they have been some great nights out Where else would you find yourself among people with the same tastes of music as your self celebrating music of a band that no longer tours and you get to here all the classics as they don`t do a "new album" set . Which is a bit of a drag when you like a band for it`s old stuff . I liked this band so much I`ve see them a few times . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLUYU_XKY9c
  21. After over 40 years of listening to Music this is the hardest question to answer 5 Groups/ artists that I guess have really blown my mind to a point where I think they are godlike are . 1. The Beatles 2. Rush 3. Pink Floyd 4. The Who 5. Yes .
  22. All Along The Watchtower . Under The Bridge
  23. I have it under my Avatar ! Hav`nt been on much myself . It kinda makes me nervous , as maybe my humour may be taken out of context .
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