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    may 3, raleigh, nc
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    tom sawyer
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    snakes and arrows
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    This past show. To watch the 3 of them interact on stage was amazing. Loved to watch Geddy and Alex work off of each other.
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    Rush, Who, zeppelin
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    flute, clarinet

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  1. Joey, do you like it when scraps jumps on your leg and rubs up and down?
  2. If you have an extra ticket for philly please let me know. How much and where is the seat. Been trying to decide if I want to go or not. Would really like to. Thank you!
  3. Ok. Thought they added a concert in DC I didn't know about. Thanks!
  4. Thank you so much for posting. Great photos. Love the one of Alex and Geddy holding the beer mugs. Alex looks like he's had more than enough!
  5. Remember the good old days when u camped out for tickets. It just seemed so much easier back then.
  6. Well you pretty much summed me up. I am a guys girl 100%!! I have had guy friends forever but can't keep a girl as a friend but for several months. My husband is the best thing I've ever had. Been married 21 years in May. He introduced me to Rush. The best band ever!
  7. I've heard that Alex has some kind of arthritis in his hands so maybe playing is more difficult for him now. I'm just grateful for whatever shows we get. Rock on til ya drop!
  8. I think there is a link at the top of this thread. Gofundme or something. Sorry, I'm not sure but it should be at the top of this thread.
  9. Submit a story of why you think you should go. You seem like a true Rush fan. I wish I had enough to get u a ticket. We would have a great time!
  10. I can't see any pics. Just a little blue.box with a question mark on it.
  11. For $3,100 Rush had better be playing in my living room. Those prices are ridiculous.
  12. Greensboro, Atlanta and philly so far for me. Can't wait.
  13. If they had a shorter set list would this suggest an opening act? Even if the opening act just played for 30 minutes.
  14. Or when all the shows go on sale at the same date and time. It's difficult if you are buying more than one show. Possibly fans can work together and each person get a different show. I'm hoping for lots of east coast shows.
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