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  1. I trust in Ozzy. Sure, he have pushed up the date 3 times now on this tour (I bought ticket right away, but I changed it yesterday to VIP). But I am sure he will keep his promise to the fans and go out one last time on tour!
  2. In about a year, I will met the Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne! And I am so nervous, but happy! He is one of my favorite artist next to Rush and Queen. I bought a VIP ticket to see him live on his last tour. So I will be able to take a photo with him, and have him sign something for me! Now I just want this year to move quick! I love Ozzy! He seems to be a really nice guy to talk to! Tho, I am a bit nervous to understand him. :P When he is talking, I can almost not hear what he is saying. I hear him perfectly when he is singing, maybe I should ask him to sing to me? :D
  3. The second record I enjoyed this evening was Rush - Hemispheres on the 40th Anniversary 2018 vinyl record pressing. Masterpiece record! https://www.discogs.com/Rush-Hemispheres-40th-Anniversary-Super-Deluxe-/release/12812017
  4. I just saw the last episode and was that really Mark Hamill at the end of the last episode?? He looked so young!
  5. I am home alone. My dog is at my neighbor getting spoiled with kisses and food. So I am taking the opportunity to play music really loud. And the record I am listening to is Rush - Time Machine: Live In Cleveland 2011 on the 2019 vinyl record. It was during this show that they played the whole Moving Pictures. Great tour! https://www.discogs.com/Rush-Time-Machine-2011-Live-In-Cleveland/release/13726336
  6. Since I listened to Hold Your Fire, I felt like I needed to listen to Rush - A Show Of Hands as well which is mostly recorded from the Hold Your Fire Tour (and also the Power Windows Tour)! I am enjoying it on a original 1989 vinyl record pressing in great quality (Close to mint quality)! https://www.discogs.com/Rush-A-Show-Of-Hands/release/1447826
  7. This saturday evening I am enjoying Rush - Hold Your Fire on the 2016 reissue vinyl record. Great one! :D https://www.discogs.com/Rush-Hold-Your-Fire/release/7982517
  8. As the last record for tonight, I am going back to 1980, and Rush first 80s record called Permanent Waves. I am enjoying it on the 2015 reissue vinyl record! Great record! https://www.discogs.com/Rush-Permanent-Waves/release/7137954
  9. I am going from Rush 1984 studio record Grace Under Pressure to their 2007 studio record called Snakes & Arrows! And I am listening to it on the 2016 reissue vinyl record which sounds great! Snakes & Arrows was the very first studio record I really started to listen to after I became a fan of Rush during their Time Machine Tour. I would listen to it over and over again. It is no longer my favorite Rush record, but it still means a lot to me and I really love it! https://www.discogs.com/Rush-Snakes-Arrows/release/7973425
  10. This evening I am enjoying some Rush - Grace Under Pressure on my original UK vinyl record pressing. Been a long time since I last listened to Rush, so I thought it was time! Been listening a lot to Ozzy Osbourne lately, but think I need a break from him! https://www.discogs.com/Rush-Grace-Under-Pressure/release/1644503
  11. I really enjoyed Queen + Paul Rodgers. I do not like Queen + Adam Lambert tho! Just bad....
  12. so what is Side A, Side B, and whatever else? It goes A side: Test For Echo Driven Half The World The Color Of Right B side: Time And Motion Totem Dog Years C side: Virtuality Resist Limbo Carve Away The Stone Here is a good site for vinyl geeks: https://www.discogs.com/Rush-Test-For-Echo/release/7684234
  13. My thoughts exactly. The only competition for him in my book is Alex Lifeson. I love Lifeson. But he comes nowhere close to Brian in my Opinion. Brian is one of a kind!
  14. I see Brian May, I don't even have to think.... He is the god of all guitar players.
  15. But oh so beautiful looking record! true Looks can be deceiving. Colored vinyl has been shown to sound somewhat inferior to the standard black records. But a lot of people are driven by looks, whether it be cars, pets, or whatever and this will be no different. Also, $25 for a compilation album is ridiculous regardless how "pretty" it is. We've all heard these songs many, many times and this seem like a simple cash grab. As a vinyl record collector. I can say that the thing about colored vinyl sound inferior to black vinyl is a big lieing myth! All vinyl records are made of PVC, which is naturally colorless. To turn this clear material into a solid color titanium dioxide and other additives are mixed in. To make the standard black vinyl color, black carbon is often added, which strengthens the PVC mix. To make any other color, dyes are used instead of black carbon. These dyes do not strengthen the vinyl in the same way as black carbon, but the difference is negligible unless mistakes are made in the production process.
  16. On Vinyl record: All of them, on different kind of pressings. All 2015's reissues but also other pressings. CD: All of them from the Sector Box sets + some other. DVD/Blurays: I got all the concerts on DVD or bluray. But not all the different documentaries. I think I only got the one called Beyond The Lighted Stage
  17. rush-icon-vinyl This is so annoying... now I have to buy it the hard way... from a second hand seller...
  18. I got ticket for: Jethro Tull Elton John Ozzy Osbourne Lets see when the concerts is happening...
  19. This was very hard for me. Because this was the very first Rush record I fell in love with. I have many favorites on it. But I voted for Workin´ Them Angels on record one and Faithless on record one. I have this on the 2016 reissue vinyl record (two of them, one still sealed). On CD, I have the standard first release. And also the one that was part of the "The Studio Albums - 1989-2007" box set.
  20. This listing is incorrect, so I wont vote. But I have this on the original first pressing vinyl record. The one released in 2015, since it is the first ever released officially vinyl record. It makes it the original first pressing vinyl record. The picture disc released in 2009 was not a official release. It was a bootleg, a unofficial release!
  21. I wont vote since the listing is incorrect. But I have this on the 2015 reissue vinyl record (three of them, one still sealed. Used to have five of them, but gave two of them away). And on CD, I have only the version that came with the "The Studio Albums - 1989-2007" box set.
  22. I voted on The Seeker from side 1 and Crossroads from side 2. I have this only on the 2016 reissue vinyl record (two of the, one still sealed). On CD, I have the original version and the one that came with the "The Studio Albums - 1989-2007" box set.
  23. On record one, my vote is Ghost Rider and on record two, my vote is Secret Touch. I have this on the remixed version only on vinyl record. Two of them, one still sealed. The Europe pressing. On CD, I have the original version and the remixed CD version, the standard release and also the one that came in the "The Studio Albums - 1989-2007" box set.
  24. I voted for BU2B on record one and The Garden on record two. I have this on two vinyl records (one still sealed) on the 2013 Europe reissue pressing. On CD, I have the standard one bought in store, and then the pre-ordered version (that came with a magazine and a few other things) with a bit nicer package.
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