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  1. This is a really hard choise, because I love all Rush albums in one or another way. But since I only can choise one, my vote goes to Caress Of Steel, its just a perfect album, love evry song on it!!
  2. At the moment I am listening on Retrospective 1. I couldent decide what to listen on, so I thought this was the best choise.
  3. This is a easy one, its Red Sector A, I just love that song sooo much, and Im happy that they will play it on Clockwork Angels Tour, cant wait!!
  4. I voted for vital signs, I really like this LP, and Vital Signs is just the best.
  5. I voted for Natural Science on this one, even thou I love all songs.
  6. This is a easy one, I must say Working Man, because thats the song that sound most Rush-ish on this LP. All the other songs on this one sounds more like normal Rock-songs, I dont think that Rush really had found their right sound yet.
  7. ok, this must be the hardest of them all!! I cant decide at all, all songs are great on this one, but I probarly choise La Villa Strangiato, since thats their best instrumental song, and they will never do another one that is same class!
  8. Ouch, this is a hard one, I cant decide, all songs on this LP is masterpieces in one way or another! But I probarly choise Xanadu..or Cygnus, gargh its to hard!!
  9. I have to choise 2112 here, even thou the other songs on this LP is also really great.
  10. This is a easy one, ofcourse The Fountain Of Lamneth, I cant get enough of it, its one of my all favorite-Rush-songs!
  11. My favorite song by far from this LP is Rivendell, I get tears everytime I hear it, and I just love it, I love it so much so I have decided that its gonna be my funeral song!
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