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  1. Ed - Awesome story - I am worried for Oakland that Treinen is injured....velo down a few ticks and he cant hit his spots....Toronto for some reason has Oakland's number... Laureano is worth the price of admission. I think A's need to trade and get Jed Lowrie back from the mets lest they put him on the DL perpetually Khris Davis slumping since the white hot start. Starting pitching? Bullpen is looking sketch - Rodney and Soria are over the hump...why dont I see Trivino in high leverage situations????
  2. I like it a lot. Tracks I enjoy: Title Track The Present Tense Window to the World Moving to Bohemia Home on the Strange Grace to Grace I agree with previous post that its more reminiscent of 90s Rush....the albums I think its most similar to are Test for Echo and Presto
  3. Not disappointing at all, actually. Children behave!!!
  4. http://townsquare.media/site/295/files/2015/06/srv.jpg
  5. In through the out door better than III or houses of the holy???? insanity!
  6. 1. II 2. IV 3. Houses of the Holy 4. I 5. III 6. Physical Graffiti 7. Presence 8. ITTOD 9. Coda
  7. There is nothing wrong with the covers....but other than aesthetics there is nothing new and unique about them. His voice is annoying when he has to hold long notes...and a little bit of distortion on guitars during chorus....yawn....I like both of the original versions and nothing in these covers would inspire me to take a 2nd listen
  8. Not much, saving festivities for the weekend! Roger that, they call that “adulting” now. I will have some fun...it is a Wednesday after all ;)
  9. Not much, saving festivities for the weekend!
  10. How can 2112 and Hemispheres not be on everyone's list? The 3rd is up for debate I suppose....
  11. My only gripe with The Musical Box is that the original recording is kinda muddy- poor production. But, it is fantastic, and wins in the competition. Here is a great (although possibly controversial version) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsHU_e_x_fM
  12. I like a lot of his stuff. I am no art critic, I just like the way his paintings look. My favorite artist is Magritte (not just cause he draws a lot of boobs)
  13. True actually, but the song isn't bad imo It’s definitely one of the Cure’s more popish songs...doesn’t mean its bad. Since I have confessed my like for this song, Ill add this- I have a good friend from Venezuela- we used to play the song “Love Cats”, him on keys and myself on vocals and bass....a handful of times while at a bar w live music, during an intermission we would go up a perform lol
  14. Watched it a second time in theater with my kids....Liked it better due to not having expectations of them explaining anything. Id probably move my grade up to a solid C
  15. Have some good memories associated with it, so Id say its a good song....definitely a personal bias with my vote, but I give it a thumbs up!
  16. Haven’t seen it yet- I am a big Agatha Christie fan. Have always enjoyed David Suchet as Poirot.
  17. The plot is the same as that of the original trilogy. The battle between the Republic/Resistance against the Evil Empire, the schism between the Jedi Order and the Sith/Dark Side, and the personal evolution of the main characters (Rey/Ben, Luke/Vader). The Last Jedi ended in the same way as The Empire Strikes Back ended. The Resistance seems doomed, the Hero narrowly escapes the Villain, and we're not sure of what will happen next. An evil “empire” that we assumed was basically a terrorist group until the opening score ran and we found out they had an Armada. The resistance, who is apparently down to like 4 ships and a handful of fighters. You are correct in saying that the end has a similar setup to Empire Strikes Back. The overall motivations “evil empire vs rebels” is the same...maybe I define “plot” differently. I’m thinking in terms of the details, motivations and events that drive the story. To me, all of those things were severely lacking.
  18. I actually laughed when Luke was brushing a reed on Rey's hand and was all like "it's the force, you can feel it ooooh" Honestly it was good humor, I laughed when Luke threw the lightsaber off the cliff because of how dramatic the Force Awakens ended when Rey reached Luke, it was a funny anticlimax. All in all, I absolutely loved this film. But then again, characters are never that important to me. Even in my own writing, I don't write a plot to serve the characters, I write characters to serve the plot. In my opinion, the plot is metaphysical and can exist outside of the characters. They give it spice. You can have a film that has every character nameless and originless, and have a great film. A good example is Under the Skin with Scarlet Johanssen. Plot >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> characters What was the plot? I think you might be confusing plot with “feelings”. Everyone had a lot of feelings...it looked pretty and al but at the end of the day the actions didn’t feel motivated and the plot was lame
  19. Confirmed? I don’t think so anyway. Not even close. It has its moments but I don’t think it's great. Good, yes....well, parts of it were. I don’t want to say anything more than that. I agree with you mostly, I would rephrase, "It has its moments but I don’t think it's good. Better than prequels? yes....well, parts of it were" For me, it was without a doubt better than the prequels AND without a doubt not as good as the originals, episodes IV-VI. I also enjoyed Rogue One more. Force Awakens seemed more fun overall too. Parts of this were more interesting than Force Awakens though. One particular Laura Dern scene was quality though. I’m sure you know which one I mean. Agree on all fronts. For me, Rogue One was pretty darn close to the original trilogy.
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