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    Atlanta-November 1st, 2012
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    The Enemy Within/Middletown Dreams/Witch Hunt
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    Grace Under Pressure
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    Listening to the first two sections of 2112, seeing Clockwork Angels(song) performed live, listening to the Fear series, first three tracks at least.
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    Primus, Fair to Midland, Jethro Tull
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  1. Those will work well for now, although eventually I will try to find an actual still from the animation without the band in the picture. But thank you, these are great for the time being.
  2. Grace Under Pressure I want to say Different Stages because its just that expansive and awesome. But I just remembered how much I like Grace Under Pressure Live
  3. The Enemy Within, easily. The first half of this album is amazing, but I think the second half drops off slightly. You can really hear the emotion from all the first half, the longing, fear, loss. I didn't get that from the second half as much. It surprises me that Between the Wheels is ahead of Distant Early Warning and Red Sector A at least.
  4. Howdy, new here. Not sure if this could be put somewhere else but since it relates to the tour it seemed relevant. I'm looking for a picture of the actual Clockwork Angels animation they did during the song. Where all the clockwork angels are flying in the sky. I've searched a while for this and haven't been able to find it (want to make it my wallpaper). If anyone could help me with this, I would be grateful.
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