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  1. I awoke yesterday with an horrid headache and a worse than normal appetite. The room was spinning. Since I never think about it, the word "covid" never came into my mind, until I suddenly recalled a friend of mine complaining about the headache it causes. It was my nurse's day to visit anyway, but when told of the latest development, she showed up asap all suited up in yellow and shield. My neighbors couldn't get away fast enough. They gave me that test that shows results in 20 or so minutes. Twirl two swabs around in each nostril for 15 seconds each. It tested negative, but then she said it still might be positive. :eh: Then she said it might just be the flu. :unsure: :huh: But, here I still am to tell you that morphine doesn't do a thing for headaches, but 500 mg Tylenol does.
  2. RIP, Grae. :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:
  3. I can barely keep eyes open. Have some kind of blockage. two nights in a row nurse had to come with suppositories. Tonight didn't help with much but add lots of new bowel pain. Now I have pain on lower left side again. This isn't fun for anyone concerned. Can't even get my mind off of it by reading because I can't read. Or listening to music because t breaks me apart. Sat home all day. Made myself corn bread with honey. It didn't turn out that bad. Had some cottage cheese to go with. Klondike Bar for desert
  4. Jamie, I think you look so pretty. I watched you grow up and out of those awkward teen years into a very attractive young lady. Take good care of yourself and be the best Jamie you can be. Always.
  5. Hospice nurse had to come today to give me a suppository due to bloating and no b.m. She says tumor most likely growing on other side which is the cause of the pain and blockage. The pain in bladder area caused by pressure from tumor. Maybe Christmas. I doubt it now.
  6. And absolutely nothing like that instrumental right before Love Reign O'er Me
  7. I am sending good thoughts and prayerful hope and love to all here on trf. Sincerely wishing the best to everyone. At this point, each dayvis a gift. And for those of you sick of men and these threads, like I tell my husband, cheer up, I' ll be deadcsoon enough!
  8. No competition. Even though I don't expect it to "win" here, Quadrophenia won my heart completely almost 50 years ago.
  9. Thanks for the reminder! Dark an hour earlier tomorrow night. I used to love that. But I don't think getting dark at 4PM will be delightful for me this year.
  10. We get an extra hour of sleep tonight. :)
  11. If he's still 37 next year, I'd have him checked out. Just saying. :codger:
  12. I could swear you were 37 last year too. :eh: How comes it you never get any older? Were you ten when you joined TRF????? :eyeroll: In any event, you have always been a very delightful and respectful young man, and it has been a pleasure to know you. :coy: Hope your 37th birthday is a fun one. :yes: :guitar: :cheerleader: :ebert: :clap: And that you get lots of good gifts too. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
  13. Who needs platitudes? I want sincerity. Hospice nurse commented on the bright colors I wore yesterday and I told her it would probably be the last time I'd ever wear the outfit. She started laughing and said, "Are you kidding? You'll wear that again!!" And here I am thinking, "Don't tell me she's going to tell me I have over a year to live." :) and then she says "You have at least to Christmas!" But I decided, again, last night, to make the best of this I can. :madra: :madra: :madra: :madra: :madra:
  14. How amazing to become aware of no pain. In the end, it is all a gift wrapped up in layers of grace. May we use all of it well. :hug2:
  15. :musicnote: now it looks as though they're here to stay [Come on - Everyone sing chorus and don't be shy - a one and a two -] OH I BELIEVE IN YESTERDAY!!!! :musicnote:
  16. Ha, ha, ha, ha! The last person who told me that handed me a math test to which I responded, after she said it, then why am I taking the test?
  17. Duck and cover! Remember those drills real well. So do I. Remember the sirens too.
  18. Halloween is over. Then how about bah! humbug? :)
  19. My hospice chaplain. Every time she comes over, we always get a few hearty laughs in. The rest of the day is always better when she has been here.
  20. Babycat, I see this is your big 5-0. I hope you did something special to celebrate.
  21. Wishing one of the most genuinely nice human beings on the forum one of the happiest birthdays ever! :kisshug: :hug2:
  22. I'm off to church to send thoughts and prayers and the best for my trf friends. :yes: :) :hi: :angel: :cool:
  23. A Grateful Dead song. Don't even know the name of it. The thing is, I despise the Grateful Dead more than I despise the band whose name I won't mention because it always starts a fight. For weeks now, it keeps going through my mind. I can't even look it up because I don't know the lyrics. But since my brain keeps going more and more back in time (even though it came out in 1948 I think), I found myself with this old musical tune going through my head this morning:
  24. You can always delete and revote if you want. Or you can create your own reality and ignore existing reality. You can pretend you never saw this poll and voted. Then you can forget you ever set your eyes on a place called The Rush Forum and registered. You can do anything you want. But you can never leeeeeave.... :) Darn! Darn!!! :rage: Why didn't I think of that??????
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