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  1. If I was Geddy I'd be giving Neil some nasty looks and telling him to slow down a bit. you mean John-------^ right? Neil would not appreciate nasty looks since he would have been in the audience or backstage at this point. I'm not so sure that Al is the one doing the speeding up. I remember hearing a Tom Sawyer bootleg where they were speeding up and then hearing 'slow down!' and eventually getting back to the normal tempo. No I was talking about the video with Neil.
  2. No it bloody well feckin Isn’t. Yes it was recorded in the 70’s but Permanent Waves is an album clearly looking forward into the future. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just being stubborn. It has far more in common with Pictures and Signals than it does with Hemispheres and Kings. It is leaving the excesses of the 70’s era behind and forging new grounds. Get your heads out of your arses people. Its not rocket f***ing science. Nope. Sorry.
  3. Musically it's very 70's. The 80's was mostly about synth pop, and this album has none of that.
  4. If I was Geddy I'd be giving Neil some nasty looks and telling him to slow down a bit.
  5. 1) Echoes - Pink Floyd 2) Raider II - Steven Wilson 3) Anesthetize - Porcupine Tree 4) Awaken - Yes 5) Xanadu - Rush 6) 2112 - Rush 7) Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage - Rush 8) And You And I - Yes 9) In My Time of Dying - Led Zeppelin 10) Karn Evil 9 - ELP 11) My Generation ( Live At Leeds ) - The Who 12) The Musical Box - Genesis 13) A Passion Play (Part 2) - Jethro Tull 14) The End - The Doors 15) Lady Fantasy - Camel 16) Close To The Edge - Yes 17) Cygnus X1 Book II - Rush 18) The Necromancer - Rush 19) Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin 20) The Fountain Of Lammeth - Rush 21) Cinema Show - Genesis 22) 157 Riverside Avenue - REO Speedwagon 23) Learning to Live - Dream Theater 24) Supper's Ready - Genesis 25) Grendel - Marillion 26) Syntelman's March of the Roaring Seventies - Amon Duul II 27) Suite Sister Mary - Queensryche 28) Ballet for a Girl in Buchannan - Chicago 29) Octavarium - Dream Theater 30) Piece of Mind - Curved Air 31) Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Iron Maiden 32) Amarok - Mike Oldfield 33) Station To Station - David Bowie 34) Tarkus - ELP 35) Invisible Limits - Tangerine Dream 36) Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands (Bob Dylan) 37) Telegraph Road- Dire Straits 38) Alice's Restaurant Massacre - Arlo Guthrie 39) Sheep - Pink Floyd 40) Babe, I’m On Fire (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) 41) Three Days by Janes Addiction 42) Marquee Moon - Television 43) Voodoo Chile - Hendrix 44) Out Bloody Rageous - Soft Machine 45) Song For Eternal - Hatsune Miku 46) The Girl Who Was...Death - Devil Doll 47) Street Hassle - Lou Reed ) 48) Jordrök -- Änglagård 49) Didn't We Deserve a Look at the Way You Really Are -- Shellac 50.) The Gates of Delirium - YES 51.) Song For America - Kansas 52.) Starless - King Crimson 53.) Ancestral - Steven Wilson 54.) Luminol - Steven Wilson 55.) Arriving Somewhere But Not Here - Porcupine Tree 56.) Deliverance - Opeth 57.) The Camera Eye - Rush 58.) Thick as a Brick (part I) - Jethro Tull 59.) Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd 60.) The Odyssey - Symphony X
  6. What was this about? just to keep it short. she made some sweeping generalizations about all males in a thread about the recent hollywood scandals. i feel she should have apologized myself as it was kinda wrong. she didn't and left. oh well i guess. Mick Oh okay. I vaguely remember that. Not something to leave the forum over.
  7. Marathon The Big Money Grand Designs Manhattan Project Mystic Rhythms Territories Middletown Dreams Emotion Detector
  8. First time I heard Xanadu over my bands PA back in 1977. I knew I was a goner from that point on.
  9. Road to Hong Kong. Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. Love these movies. They’re such mindless fun. This one has a young Joan Collins.
  10. Tai Shan is the only one on this list that I never listen to, so I suppose that’s the one.
  11. Appreciate it for what it is. They're reacting. Part of the joy is watching them. Do you dislike them because they thought Dream Theater couldn't write good songs? Just sayin' I can have an opinion, just like you. We don’t have to agree.
  12. These guys drive me nuts. They always cut it off just as you're getting into it. They talk too much.
  13. If they stop making Star Wars movies, the franchise will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Like a silent fart.
  14. The Last Jedi. Huuuuge yawn. This franchise needs to die.
  15. I like the first one because it’s Hemispheres. But both are cool.
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