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  1. No. His voice really declined between 2008 and 2010. He still could sing pretty well on the Snakes and Arrows tour but once Time Machine came around he had a lot of trouble hitting notes.
  2. both are garage band 101 so they wear out their charm quickly. they both sound like they were just dicking around and wrote it accidentally. like when joe perry wrote walk this way. whoaaaaaaa Nellie !!! A better term might be "effortless" Not every song is as pain stakingly perfected as Shang A Lang Simple is OK. So many rock songs have very simple melodies.
  3. None of these guys are really favorites of mine but I did the best I could out of these choices.
  4. I have heard that he has been seen walking his dogs at the park there.
  5. Cool show. I watched three or four episodes a while back. I remember one about the social media "like" concept, and one with chip implant and a haunted house. Yeah. Yeah those are the first two episodes. Fascinating but creepy.
  6. Not a movie but I started watching Black Mirror last night on Netflix. Has anyone else seen this show? I was afraid I was going to have nightmares after I watched several of the episodes.
  7. I always thought Rik was a great guitarist but he didn’t have the luck to be in the same band as Neil and Geddy.
  8. Boy I got so burned out on both of these songs years ago when I had to play them to death in bar bands. I can’t even listen to either one anymore. But that being said… I guess I would slightly leaning towards the Free song.
  9. It’s not very “Rushy”. More like video game music.
  10. Still hot and sunny during the day. Seems weird that it’s mid October.
  11. I love both of them. I wish that all the Star Wars films had been like Rogue One - more serious and adult, and also with some laughs, of course. None of this marketing-to-kids crap. Like the Porg? Yuck.
  12. Such a good movie. I always enjoy movies with interesting endings! Yeah me too. Ones that make you think about them after you watch them.
  13. Body Heat. Boy, is Kathleen Turner awesome in this. Movie is a little dated but you can definitely feel the heat.
  14. Ive been here maybe 2x in past year. Sorry, cupcake. No excuse for not catching up, donut.
  15. Not this tired, worn out subject again. Ugh.
  16. ...and nothing gets people pissed off quicker than someone challenging their beliefs. Well true and that’s boring as well.
  17. There’s nothing more boring than religious discussions. They’re even worse than polls. ;)
  18. And what are our preferences pray tell oh wise one of cinematic legend? :P As if I have to tell YOU! They’re your preferences. :D
  19. AFTKs is full of synthy goodness but it was just used as another instrument to compliment the songs. I agree that Subdivisions is the first one where the entire song is carried by it. Thus the slow slide into hell. ;)
  20. Your preferences in movies are pretty obvious in these choices but I did my bit.
  21. Didn't like Rogue One or Force Awakens? How can it truly recapture the magic of the originals? It's not 1977-1983 ((and I'm not 5-11 years old)) anymore. I'll say this, Force Awakens and Rogue One destroy the prequels and the Star Trek parallel universe reboot flicks. And I did enjoy Rogue One (at least) a little more than Return of the Jedi. I’m not talking magic in the childish sense, I mean innovative and well written. Rogue One was much better than TFA’s but still too many consistency issues. Then lady you should've said that in the first place! There's magic and then there's magic and then they actually had magic in the stories...or I guess that was The Force...which could've been considered magic but not that kind of magic :P Don’t be so literal. :)
  22. The original three were innovative for sure, especially the first two films. The jump in effects between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back was especially impressive. I'm not sure well-written applies to any of the Star Wars films. The dialogue in all of them is pretty awful, but actors like Harrison Ford and Alec Guinness made them work. At least in the original three, the plot was decent. It was in the prequels that the dialogue shifted from mediocre to awful, and the storyline took a nosedive. I’m saying I hope it’s well written, not necessarily that the movies in general have been. Having the right actors for the parts is what helps immensely, in which TFA suffered horribly.
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