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    First Canadian Rush concert in Montreal a few years back on the Snakes and Arrows tour! Travelled over with a good buddy, met a couple of crazy Canadian dudes and partied hard! Going to Toronto and Montreal in Oct 2012!
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  1. Just received my signed Starman Prog magazine back from the O2, so pleased, signed by all three of the guys. I spoke to the O2 prior to sending the item and was told that nothing was guaranteed but the item would be passed on to the band. So it's definitely worth sending an email to the venue you're due to attend. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  2. Flew from London Gatwick to Toronto for the concert at ACC in October last year, then took the train to Ottawa to see friends, then drove to Montreal with them for the show at the Bell Centre. Following day flew back to Toronto and transferred onto a flight back to London. Phew!
  3. TBH she didn't actually 'sing' that much, lots of dancing and shouting into her mike over the backing track and singers. I think she actually sang for 15 percent of the performance which was, IMHO crap! Now who mentioned AC/DC for the half time show? How awesome would that be, especially if they played Rosie!
  4. Mere pussycat purveyors of confection and fluff, when compared to Messrs Frey, Henley & Co.. Imagination by Belouis Some is BRILLIANT(he supported Queen in Knebworth), I like at least one Spice Girls song, One Direction aren't on my radar at all, so that's ok. I have no idea who George & Eddie are. Belouis Somme tried to support Queen! Came on before Status Quo and Big Country and launched into Imagination, he was promptly bottled of stage. The promotor Harvey Goldsmith came onto the stage and asked the crowd to give them a chance, he was booed off. The band came back on, got 30 seconds into the song and the drummer got hit square in the face with a missile and they left the stage, never to return.... It was a great gig though, one of my best
  5. We seem to be overlooking some major crap here folks, The Spice Girls, George and Eddie, one Direction, Belouis Somme, Need I go on.......?
  6. Just watched Dredd, the new one not the Stalone pos from the nineties. Now I'm a huge Judge Dredd fan, from his original appearance in 2000AD, I was 12 when it first came out....! Its rated 18 in the Uk (R in the States?). I enjoyed it but still felt let down by the story. Karl Urban plays Dredd and does a good job. You don't see his face, Dredd's face is never seen! I give it 7 out of 10
  7. I totally agree mate, no wonder there are so many of the good seats available on Seatwave, eBay, etc. real Rush fans wouldn't sell those seats for all the tea in China! I managed to get row 12 for Toronto but for my home gig in London on presale, back of block three on the floor, miles away....
  8. I know Jeremy Clarkson ( from the BBC Top Gear program), is a big Rush Fan, he also likes Genesis, Queen and Floyd. He often mentions that he doesn't listen to any music made after 1979!
  9. The point isn't that it's not a happy song, the point is that it's a song about artists who have lost their powers due to age. Are you really going to tell me you don't understand why that might not be something they'd want to dwell on? Oddly enough I do understand the argument, but as I've already mentioned,they have shown that they haven't lost their powers in the slightest. The band have turned out one of their strongest albums for many years and Geddys voice is the best I've heard it in three tours.... Losing it? Not a chance. I was merely voicing my opinion.
  10. Do you guys send the items direct to the venue with a covering letter?
  11. I have posted elsewhere that I would love to hear Losing It, if as Geddy mentioned recently, the band decide to tweak the setlist. As for the story behind the song and how it relates to the band, sorry but aren't these the guys that have just released their 19th (and IMO one of the best for a decade) studio album. No sign of writers block as far as I can see! Does a song have to be happy in order for it to be good live? Red Sector A anyone.... If not now with a string section, then when?
  12. L3ander

    MP vs PeW

    This is a difficult choice but Permanent Waves edges it for me. A great set of songs that to me are timeless, I'd also have to disagree with a previous post. Jacobs Ladder is a superb tune, even better when played live!
  13. If you can wait until May, I will be at the London and B'ham shows and could probably get a shot of the Angels for you. I did take some photos in Montreal but have was rocking out to CA so missed the opportunity.... Let me know
  14. My Birmingham tickets haven't arrived either mate and I bought on the pre-sale too!
  15. Does the company guarantee your tickets? Seatwave state that if your tickets fail to arrive they will replace them with some similar or better. Failing that a full refund, although we would all rather be at the gig I'm sure! If you still aren't sure about their site could you get a refund now and buy elsewhere, Stubhub, Seatwave, etc. just for your piece of mind.
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