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  1. zero good albums since bark at the moon. and since like 95 its been all this techno sounding queefery, sounds f***ing shitty. f**k sack wylde
  2. both two of my favorite albums. MOP especially takes a crap on queef theater, porcupine pee, stool's enema, and certainly hair metal
  3. steven wilson wishes he could make this album! we need a 5.1 deluxe edition
  4. sky moves sideways. the older I get, the less I relate to the moody radiohead era of the band
  5. I skipped the last ATL show cause the setlist was a tad queef. I just wanna hear old shit!
  6. frankly, I wish they'd give mangina the axe. guy's got no soul, in a band that's already quite short on that sort of thing portnoy had personality. hand the man a beer and let's get a new dream theater record that doesn't sound like it was made by an AI program
  7. lorraine really was cool as hell. she tried to get me into drug counseling while she was alive because she was just the type of person to give a shit about a complete stranger who really didn't deserve her time. now I can say I've been off any sort of drugs and alcohol for close to a month and I'm feeling great.
  8. this is all an illusion. there is no rush forum. you're actually inside a snowglobe owned by an autistic child
  9. lorraine was cool as hell. we had a lot of good PM discussions. she joked she was gonna haunt me from the grave to get me to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. even from the grave, she cares about us. RIP big time
  10. Thank you! That means a lot!!! no worries, LABT. your taste is good enough I think we could actually get along for an hour or so in public. :blush: :notworthy: Thanks, but I don't really go out in public. Too many people there... I'll buy you a beer!
  11. and if you get a chance to see metallica, go for it. they know what the crowd wants. good mix of hits and deep cuts.
  12. RTL and MOP are both 5 star records for me. like I know there's still a segment of population that hears cookie monster noise in any of that stuff, but to me it's all super melodic, dynamic, varied, even emotional at times with songs like orion, sanitarium, fade to black. love em or hate em, that's why metallica endures and nobody gives a shit about 99% of what we fools like from the 80s and early 90s. it wasn't gonna be testament or exodus selling out madison square garden. think about that. these f***ers were playing giant arenas BEFORE the black album! good for them.
  13. Thank you! That means a lot!!! no worries, LABT. your taste is good enough I think we could actually get along for an hour or so in public.
  14. I'm proud of you guys. I figured reload would win with this crowd
  15. went to around 20 shows last year, going to around 20 this year. didn't catch covid. shit's basically normal out there, but I got the microchip so I flash my card and the gestapo lets me on in.
  16. alright, I've actually never heard of him.
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