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  1. I just love the picture of iluvgeddy05 holding the Geddy sign at the show! (It's on her signature thing, but I don't know how to put it on this post).


    The one where she is holding up her arm (fist?) just shows how much she really loves Rush, and especially, Geddy Lee. It looks like she had front row seats. And, the other picture says, "I'm SO happy, I'm seeing my favourite band tonight!"


    I'm not sure I agree with the theory that very few women go to see Rush. At the shows I've been to, there are always plenty... and watch Live in Cleveland - or Snakes and Arrows Live - TONS of chicks and some seriously hot ones too, right in there, pumping their fists and dancing along to Rush!


    Kelly D is a classic too! That's her pumping her fist with her flying everywhere to BU2B on that DVD.


    At the end of the day, isn't this why we listen to music? Because it makes us happy, allows us to forget about all the crap that fills our lives from time to time... music makes people SMILE and iluvgeddy05 owns that department at least at this point in time!





  2. I agree with all of your comments, but what I'm talking about is pure technique and skill. This guy (even when he was 16) is miles above a lot of the famous drummers. And, I'm sure he would be amazing in a prog band.


    I'm not sure if he plays with any bands, and to be honest, I never hear about him. He has some home-video solos on Youtube, but other than that???


    Don't be surprised if we start hearing more about him.

  3. While Neil was playing his solo at the TM show at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, July 13, 2010, my buddy said, "Man, I would hate to be one of those cymbals." Then, my other buddy said, "I'd hate to be one of those drums!" I said, "I'd hate to be one of those drum sticks!!"


    He is a hard hitter and the bugger almost never makes a mistake!!

  4. Neil is my favourite drummer, no doubt. Many people believe him to be THE best rock drummer ever, but I'm not sure about that. I think at one time, sure, he probably was. But, there are a lot of unreal drummers today. Thomas Lang, Mike Portnoy, Tony Royster Jr., just to name a few.


    I stumbled across this guy, Dylan Elise, from New Zealand a year or so ago. The link below is of him playing a solo when he was 16. I think he's 20 or so now... I can't honestly say I've ever seen any drummer play like this guy and at 16... that is scary! When he is 30 or 40... look out.





    Any drummers on this forum care to comment on his technique?

  5. Oh, trust me, if I was working for someone else, I'd quit in two seconds! The problem is that I'm self-employed and I have to make hay when the moon shines, or however the hell that saying goes...


    If I don't go to do this contract, I'll be turning down $15K... gotta go.


    But, I'm still going to buy a large pack of Mydol today. SOB!


    And, I'll be watching my mailbox for a few of those big-ass chocolate chip cookies mentioned above...

  6. I was planning on going to both Minneapolis AND Winnipeg shows, but I just found out that I HAVE to go out of town for work - from Sept 22 - Sept 28!!




    So, if anyone has any "pick me up" home brew rememdies, I would sure appreciate it.


    I think I'll start off with 6 ounces of whiskey, a dozen Mydol, 4 T3s, a six pack of strong Canadian beer and two large pizzas!




    So, I guess I'll have to drive 16 hours to either Saskatoon or Toronto...


    SO an EXTRA B!

  7. Why does it matter how many seats are sold? As long as enough people are attending to make the tour feasible, who cares "how many" seats are filled or how many shows are "sold out."


    If Paul McCartney isn't selling out ALL of his shows on this tour, I guess it's reasonable that a lot of other bands aren't also. Aerosmith, Kiss and Motley Crue aren't selling out, not did Van Halen or Iron Maiden last tour. But, who cares?


    What I'm reading through your post is, "See, I told you do that people won't like this set list, so therefore they're letting the band know about it. I told you so, I told you so..."


    Find a new subject... please.

  8. Yes, I agree, but they play the song way too slow... the album version is more up tempo. The guitar solos on there are hard to beat...


    Alex's live solos are wild, but the studio version solos are tighter than a frog's ass. And, a frog's ass is pretty tight.

  9. Close to the Edge is maybe the best progressive rock album ever... next to Hemispheres, of course. I used to listen to Yes often and have been to a few shows.


    But, the CONSTANT line up changes annoys the hell out of me. You never know who is in the band and who isn't from week to week. Oliver Wakeman?


    The new singer is very good, but he's not Jon Anderson. It's just not the same at all.


    My favourite line up is Anderson, Howe, Squire, Wakeman and Bruford.

  10. I must be kind of weird because autographs don't do anything for me. A friend of mine (who isn't really a Rush) fan sat beside Geddy on a domestic flight in Canada and he got his autograph for me (thinking I'd go nuts over it) on an Air Canada napkin. But, I don't even know where it is now...


    Strangely, Rush is my favourite band. If I ever met one of the guys somewhere I wouldn't ask for an autograph or even a picture. I'd just say "thanks for the great music."


    But, most people must think I'm nuts...

  11. I think The Garden is one of Rush's most original and best composed songs ever. When I first heard it I thought, wow, this is different!


    Hey, kid... losing a parent is a BIG bummer especially at your age. But, time heals (almost) everything. Chin up!! And, fast healing for you... listen to more Rush and you'll "get well soon!"

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