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  1. It seems like theses re-issues, etc... anniversary things... are cash grabs. Most bands are doing it these days, but if it makes them money, they are in the business of making money. So, why not?
  2. Where does it indicate that it's Lifeson and swift? It sounded a bit like Alex's guitar... but that's it. No voice. I'd be surprise if Alexis playing with a Swift type pop star.
  3. I'd say you got 10 out of 20... I gave you the one about "Herns." Howard Ungerleider is his name, yes they called him Herns. Question 1, about England? Wales is up for debate but most people say Wales is NOT part of England where AFTK was recorded. You got a couple of two part questions right, but this is a hard exam. Can't give half marks... go back and study.
  4. I always got so excited when a new Rush album came out... I didn't analyze the living shit out of it, criticize it, or dissect it. I just listened to it... it was Rush. I happen to think Thai Shan is a great song!
  5. Okay, let's see how Rush-smart you are... 1 - What year did Rush record in England for the first time and what album did they record? 2 – What tour was it when Rush sold out three consecutive nights for the first time at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto? 3 – What album was the first that Terry Brown did not co-produce with Rush? 4 – What studio album did Geddy first start using Taurus pedals? 5 – What tour did Rush stop opening up for other bands and become the headliner? 6 – Which band (a label mate with Anthem Records) most commonly opened for Rush in the late 70s? 7 – What tour did Geddy start using his Steinberger Bass guitar? 8 – What tour was the final time Neil used Slingerland drums? 9 – What Rush album was the first to go Gold in the US? (500,000 units.) 10 – Rush sold out three consecutive nights and recorded one of those nights for an FM radio broadcast. Which tour and what city, what venue? 11 – What tour did Alex start playing a Gibson double neck six and twelve string guitar? He had two – what colours were they? 12 – What is the name of Rush’s lighting director who has been with the band since the band’s first big show opening for Uriah Heep and Manfred Mann’s earth Band in 1974? 13 – What city was that show (#12) played in and approximately how many people were in the audience? 14 – Where was the sound of birds chirping (heard on the intro to Xanadu) recorded? 15 – What tour did Neil start using temple blocks and wind chimes and for what song? 16 – What is the biggest audience that Rush played to for their own show? (Not a festival.) 17 – What tour did Rush use pyrotechnics for the first time? (Flash pots as they were called then.) 18 – How many shows has Rush played in Australia? 19 – What tour did Geddy start using an Oberheim OBX synthesizer on stage? 20 – Last one is a weird one… on which tour did Alex get his hair permed for the first time?
  6. I recall some years ago, Ted Nugent saying in the media, "Hey, Napster, get your greasy paws OFF my intellectual property!" Not sure why this way of thinking seems to no longer exist. Seems that nobody gives a shit anymore. ??????????????????????????????????????????? I have bought of course, but even still, I can listen to every single Rush album (and download) for FREE on Youtube. Hey, Mr. Daniels???????????????????????? You're losing money and so are the boys.
  7. I could be wrong, but I think he used his Fender Jazz on the studio recording on TS. But, either way, live just didn't have that big fat bottom end sound.
  8. WOW! I just listened to Sexsmith and Kim doing On the Road... Hey, Max fans... you MUST check this out. "Freedom some say, is after the storm."
  9. I have the entire Max catalogue on CD... and if you're not familiar with Max Webster, you'll love this band. Check on youtube - The Party, High Class in Borrowed Shoes, Beyond the Moon, A Million Vacations, Check, In the World of Giants, Oh War, In Context of the Moon, Hangover... so many more.
  10. I'll have to pick up that book by David Byrne. And, I'll actually buy it... But, I remember not being allowed to have cameras in the concert venue, or any video or audio recording device period. These days, after day one of a tour by any band, the world already sees the show. Not in great format mind you, but still... I would hate to be a stand up comic. After your first show at the theater, everyone who was thinking of going to see you has already seen and heard your jokes. Hard to funny twice with the same jokes.
  11. This is a bit off topic, but live with it... I just DON'T UNDERSTAND how or why the intellectual property of artists (musicians in this case) is being copied, played publicly, altered (in this case above, which is really stupid) without any repercussions of any kind. The Internet has basically killed album sales... even U2 or the Stones don't sell many these days... Why would someone actually pay money for something they can have for free by going to Youtube or something similar? And, why do BUSINESSES, which are for-profit corporations, allowing this to continue? If I were an artist, it would infuriate me to see my album on the Internet for free... when I spent time and money making it. This is like walking into a restaurant, eating a meal and walking out... without paying.
  12. I remember back in high school showing off that I could write the lyrics from every song, from every album in order, from Fly By Night through Permanent Waves. No wonder I got a 51% - 52% average all the time...
  13. For those of you who don't know... Max Webster (was not a guy in the band, just the name of the band) from Toronto (on the same label as Rush and toured with Rush as opener many times) was a GREAT band. Kim Mitchell was the guitarist, main vocalist, wrote most of the music to the songs (Pye Dubois wrote most of the lyrics) and was in my opinion, one of the very best frontmen ever on a rock stage. Those of you (mostly Canadians) who remember seeing "Max" live back in the 70s and early 80s will know what I mean. Kim was and still is one of the best rock guitar players in the business and he was the funniest, wildest dude ever. Nice to see Al playing with Kim.
  14. Not my favourite live song either... It's too hard to compete with the perfection of the production (mix, levels, drum sound etc) of the studio mix. It always sounds a bit too light live. Plus, like you, I've heard the goddam song a million times.
  15. I had heard of Marco, but didn't know much about him. Checked him out... wicked drummer, right up there with Thomas Lang, Portnoy, Mangini, Gavin Harrison... he also plays guitar, bass, keys... and sings. Album should be good with Alex on it.
  16. Best DRUM sound… Moving Pictures, without a doubt. One, the Tamas sounded excellent. Two, you can really hear the drums themselves in how they are tuned, recorded, MIXED and played. Three, because there is a lot of space in most songs on that album that allow the drums to really come through more. Vital Signs… Witch Hunt… Camera Eye and Tom Sawyer are all wicked drum tracks. I don’t get the DW drums at all. Horrible sound.
  17. In two days pot will be legal in all of Canada. For the record, I am booze, dope and tobacco free... I have never used any drugs (weed included) and I have never even touched a cigarette. But, I did my share of drinking and puking back in my teens and very early twenties. I threw up on a policeman’s foot once… that was funny as shit. I recall him trying to jump out of the way. The cop didn’t share the same sense of humour as I did back then. On this idea of legalizing pot, I have mixed feelings about it. Typically, I am against any man-made thing that causes people’s minds to change. I prefer the natural approach. Just imagine what the world would be like if there were no alcohol... never invented, never even heard of it. The police wouldn't be nearly as busy, for one. Although I am against alcohol and drugs (yes, even marijuana) I think pot SHOULD be legalized if alcohol is. (I wish neither were ever invented.) Both are simply a different form of a man-made substance that causes the mind to change and people act differently, not always in a good way. And, if I HAD to choose between being a passenger in a car driven by a drunk or a stoned dude, I’d go with the stoned dude any day. From what I have heard about pot, it simply gives a warm buzz, mellows people out. But, it doesn’t make people want to fight, jump off the roof into the pool or bang their best friend’s wife at a drunken “reunion” bash. When people are hammered on booze, they often make assholes out of themselves. I did many times. And, on at least three of my previous relationships, I had to put an end to them because the woman I was with was a drunk and I couldn’t put up with it. With legalization, my concern is that, in time, other drugs will be legal too. One guy said to me that he thought “recreational cocaine” should be legal. I said, “Oh, is there a different kind other than recreational?” I have also heard from many people that the pot being used today is much stronger than the stuff from back in the 60s and 70s. Will more kids try pot because, after all, “it’s legal?” I read the article in the first post and I must admit, my favourite Rush music was done in the 70s and early 80s, when according to Alex, they were stoned a lot while writing. So, what kind of hypocrite am I? That kind, I guess.
  18. One of the things I love about Rush is the fact that Geddy and Alex started together when they were kids. Can you imagine what it must have been like... somewhere around the AFTK Tour when they were headlining 5,000 - 12,000 seat venues... They MUST have, at least a few times, looked at each other and said, "Holy shit, we actually made it!" They were only 24 during that tour. I couldn't imagine.
  19. I watched this one again last night and I must say, that the sound quality is probably the best of all their live DVD shows. Not just the recording and production quality, but the BAND's quality. Geddy sings perfectly, the whole band sounds SO good. From some odd reason, they did not include Neil's solo on it. And, his drums sound good, better than the nasty DW drums he has been using for a while now.
  20. I remember I had one on red vinyl... until it got left on top of a tube amp at a party and melted.
  21. I have often wondered what would have become of Rush had Neil not joined... Not much, I don't think. First show... imagine 14,000 people three weeks after joining the band AND the FIST gig with that band!
  22. I don't see why Tai Shan is hated so much... Also, High Water gets nailed too, but I think that's a great song and this is coming from a guy who rates Hemispheres as the # 1 Rush album.
  23. Throw in three steak 'n kidney pies and a half bottle of HP Sauce and they'd probably go for it...
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