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  1. To all of you in the USA... you would NOT believe just HOW popular TPB is up here in Canada. That has got to be some of the funniest shit ever...


    I hear that the show is just starting to get popular in the states.

  2. I have a friend who was in the "meet and greet" group in Toronto a few years ago and there was no "assisted cheering" instructions or anything like that at all. Geddy and Alex came out and spent about 20 minutes chatting and signing anything that people had to be signed. Pictures, etc... all of that.


    My friend said she had a great time and wasn't hurried at all. In fact, she said Alex was asking questions about her family, her career, etc, and even asked to see pictures of her kids. So, maybe the other night the guys were a little short of time...


    I couldn't imagine being told to cheer... that would be weird. I doubt very much Geddy and Alex know about that. They'd probably feel a little silly. They have nothing to prove at this stage of the game.





  3. It's obvious that there are some seriously hard-cores on this site and I thought someone might like to read a couple books about Rush. I've already read them and they're sitting around, so someone else might as well have them. I'm not much of a collector... but, I will never let my Neil penned books go!!


    First book is "Rush Chemistry" by Jon Collins, copyright 2005.


    The second is "Rush and Philosophy" copyright 2011.


    If you would like either or both of these books, send me a private message with your name and mailing info and I'm ship them to you. If you live in the states it'll take a few weeks to arrive because I live in the "How's it goin' eh?" region of the world.



  4. QUOTE (fordgt99 @ Sep 16 2012, 11:02 PM)
    QUOTE (Steely Caress @ Sep 16 2012, 10:49 PM)
    Along with Geddy, I have read where Neil says power windows was one of their best records. I know he talks about this in the book contents under pressure.

    Is Contents Under Pressure a good book to read to get a good history/insight into the band? Reason I ask is some jerk on another forum I visit claims I don't have much knowledge of the band (which I never claimed to have in the first place). I own and have watched Beyond The Lighted Stage a few times but of course it doesn't cover everything.

    Yes, Contents Under Pressure is a good book. Go get it...


    And, I also really like Power Windows. There's some heavy stuff on it. Love, love, love the guitar on Territories...

  5. QUOTE (trenken @ Sep 17 2012, 09:42 AM)
    Come on, are you new to the internet? This is a message board, complaining about complainers never works out too well.

    If someone wants less CA and more older stuff, they should be able to express that without being called retards. You know how many people still go to Rush shows that havent bought a Rush album in decades? A LOT. When I went to the S&A tour almost NOONE around me knew any of the new songs and PNC in NJ was absolutely dead during the first part of that 2nd set when they played all those songs in a row.

    This isnt really the 70s or 80s anymore where everyone at Rush shows was buying their albums and wanted to hear all the new stuff. Sure, complaining about Rush playing new material is pointless, but the fact is they do have a crap load of fans that dont buy their albums anymore, or dont love them anyway, so you just have to live with it. Complaining about it here and insulting them accomplishes nothing.

    You're right, but I still feel a lot better now!!




    People can say what they want, but I'm just glad they're still playing anything...

  6. We should round up all the whiners and make them sit through a Justin Beiber show with all the screaming 12 year old girls. Then, make them sign a contract stating they'll never complain about a Rush concert again.




    Geez, I feel SO much better now. Those Mydol seem to really work!!!!!

  7. I'm really not much of a computer guy, I go on this site and a couple others. I check my emails once a day, at best.


    But, I was curious to see if other people were complainng about the set list, or if it was just a weird thing on this site, so I went to a few other Rush sites, and yep, lots of grumbling. At least more than I would have expected.


    But, here is what I DO NOT understand... This tour - this one that some people are whining about, is called the ... get ready for it - the "Clockwork Angels Tour."


    During the "Tour of the Hemispheres," Rush played all of that album. During the "A farewell To Kings Tour," they played nearly all of that album.


    During the "Permanent Waves Tour" they played nearly all of that album.


    So, if there are people out there who are really that misinformed that they expect a band to spend a year and tons of money making a new album - and then go out and play Finding my Way, Passage To Bankok and Anthem all night, they must be retards.


    There's my non-politically statement of the day.


    So, please, stop your goddam complaining and consider yourselves LUCKY that your favourite band, or at least ONE of your favourites bands is STILL even working after 40 EFFING years - and - to me, "working" means NEW material, a NEW (and very expensive) tour and possibly a NEW concert DVD.


    Rush is NOT blended into a Festival Tour with six other bands that could never headline in today's market accept for maybe in 1500 seat theaters.

  8. QUOTE (fledgehog @ Sep 16 2012, 01:43 PM)
    QUOTE (Akron162 @ Sep 15 2012, 06:22 PM)
    QUOTE (fledgehog @ Sep 15 2012, 04:47 PM)
    QUOTE (Akron162 @ Sep 15 2012, 12:04 AM)
    There is no drummer as important or influential in the world of rock as [Neil Peart]


    Am i lying?

    not so much "lying" as "misinformed"

    You may have a point about Neil being influential, etc. Many young drummers started playing because of him.


    But, these days, holy shit... there are serious drummers out there and young ones too.


    There is a video on Youtube of Jacob Armen when he was 8. That's eight. Not eighteen. Tonight Show, 1989.


    Check it out...



  9. Bruford and White play very different styles, and they're both really, really good - with the nod going to Bruford, easily.


    Alan White sounds great, but he looks awkward when he plays. Hard to define, but he doesn't "look" smooth or graceful. It looks like he's trying to keep up when there is no doubt that he has NO trouble keeping up at all. He just looks a little clumsy. Still a great prog drummer though!

  10. QUOTE (GeminiRising79 @ Sep 16 2012, 04:58 PM)
    Neil Peart "Many Moons Ago" Book Release Interview with Maxime Guillaume
    (Excerpt taken from The Digital Drummer, December 21, 2027):

    "When you look back on your career with Rush, were there any regrets you had during your days of touring?"

    "Ah, well,...yes (pauses momentarily). I distinctly remember a considerably disturbing faux pas we had decided on back in the Summer of 2012, for the 8th leg of the Clockwork Angels Tour. We, ahem, I... came up with the not-so-brilliant idea to employ a strings section for this tour. Quite frankly, we were running out of novelties to utilize that would allow us to enhance a long running show- in a fashion much like how a Dung Beetle rolls a sphere of faecal matter, accumulating random "accoutrements" onto the sphere, if you will. We had considered the unplugged theme of the 90's, but felt this would force us to play most of our best material from the 70's.. and Bubba wasn't having any of that!(laughs). So, it eventually dawns on me that despite my being horrified by the idea of a strings section many years ago, it seemed like a great idea at the time to enhance the droning character of the new album. It also dawned on me that it would be quite economically feasable to simply hire a group of aging musician hippies, throw on some cheap black t-shirts with a white alchemy symbol and let them stand in the dead area behind me. I thought to myself in my perceived moment of brilliance: "I can't stop thinking big", downed another The Macallan and high-fived my male wet-nurse, Michael (Neil explains the jovial banter the two have among each other).
    So, many years later, after finally seeing video of those "orchestral" shows on YouTube, I felt the creeping shadow of terror and remorse fall onto me seeing the images of head-banging scruffy, balding and white-haired group of unkempt men of differing heights loitering behind me. It felt like a bad dream, to be honest...a nightmare. I still can't understand what in God's name I was thinking at the time...perhaps a bad combination of Macallan and pertness? (winks). If I could jump into a time machine and change the way we did things this travesty would be on the top of the list. I now realize this atrocity had no business whatsoever in being associated with Rush and greatly pains me to say it was a clear oversight on my part. But, it is what it is and I'm so thankful to God for the wonderful things and experiences in my life with Rush, past and present.

    Oops- and then there's the issue of the African hat.. let's save that eye-full-of-sore for the next interview!" (laughs and smiles intensely)

    @copyright TheDigitalDrummer.com

    That was so GD funny that I think a little bit of pee actually did come out...



  11. The computer screens could be for just about anything, from the lyrics (not likely though) to cues and tips about certain things... computers are everywhere these days and I would imagine would be very useful to a rock band especially one with complex music.


    Jordan Ruddess, Dream Theater keyboard player uses one for many things.



  12. I actually saw Neil address the crowd on the Hemispheres tour in Ottawa, Ontario, December 21, 1978.


    It was just after they came back out to start the encore, and using Geddy's mic, he thanked the crowd, etc... brief, but it was cool. That was the only time I ever saw Neil say anything to the crowd. He normally stays out of the "limelight" whenever he can.



  13. Thanks, I agree. Still, my favourite drummer, I listened to almost JUST Neil for quite a few years when I was a kid and never had my eyes opened up to other kick ass drummers. Now, with the internet - holy shit...


    There's a young girl from Japan named Senri Kawaguchi. She's another unreal kid drummer. She' not at the level of Dylan Elise or Tony Royster Jr., when he was 12, but this kid is really good and she's a power hitter. She must about 85 pounds, but she beats the crap out of those drums! She's all over Youtube


    About the comments of how and what a drummer does for the song, feel, etc... my post is about talent on the drums, not what a drummer does for a song or with a band... this Dylan guy is at the top of the ladder. He's better than most of the big name guys who are in their 30s and 40s. if you are a drummer, you MUST see that.





  14. I guess when a rock band gets to the upper levels of fame it requires them to play larger venues, like hockey and basketbal arenas. The sound is rarely "good" in any of these buildings as most were designed for sporting events. Some of the newer buildings were built with concerts in mind too, but even those pale in comparison to theatres built for live performance.


    So, my next sentence is an obvious one - I would love to see Rush in a soft seater... maybe a 2,500 - 3,500 capacity venue. That would be unreal, especially if the volume was down a bit...


    Radio City Music Hall in NYC would be a great venue and it holds about 6,000 or so... a friend of mine saw Rush there in the early 80s on their five night stand and he said it was the best live venue he'd ever been to, and he's been to theatres all around the GD world.

  15. This should be a good book, especially for drummers. I found the "Taking Center Stage" DVD a bit too long... the slow motion rehearsal parts were hard to sit through, as well, were the rehearsals of the set for the TM tour.


    But, it's a good DVD over-all. I haven't seen "A Work in Progress" yet. Has anyone seen that one?

  16. OMFG! I don't believe what I'm reading... a Rush fan actually acknowledging that there is a better drummer out there than Neil? And, a 16 year old, even?


    Dude, thanks!! It's nice to see someone putting mind before heart... I LOVE Neil, but, Jesus Christ - this guy is unreal.


    Check out this one tOo - Tony Royster Jr., when he was 12. Same deal - stunnintechnique at - AGE 12!




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