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  1. Not a huge fan, but I did see them once in 1977. Still, they should be in the Hall. They influenced a lot of bands... sold 100 million albums... they were the first band to REALLY go that level of stage show. Everyone in the world has at least heard of them.


    Too bad that Peter and Ace aren't still in the band. It's not Kiss without them.

  2. Oh, not to worry, Mika... I still have hair on my ass. It's light brown (maybe even dirty blond) and kind of "peachy-fuzzy."


    You're extra welcome... :drool:

  3. Carmenator... GREAT pictures!! The close ups of the guys on stage are pretty much all the same, from venue to venue, but the crowd pictures are cool. I really like the second one - with all the crazy lights on the first twenty rows.


    Your pictures have made me make up my mind. If there is a 2013 leg, I'm going. I don't give a donkey's dump if I have to fly somewhere, I'm going to see this band... for the 28th time.


    Your hubby is lucky that his wife is teaching him about good music!!



  4. Dude, big bummer on the wasted trip. The cash, the time, but the "not-seeing-the-effing-band" would be the biggest bummer. I've heard the boys say that Red Rocks is one of their favourite venues in the world and they always sell out there, so if they do in fact schedule as US 2013, CA tour, I'll bet you a great big bag of Rush T shirts that they'll play that gig.


    A friend of mine saw them there on the S and A tour and he said it was the best show he's ever seen out of the 34 Rush shows he's been to since 1975. He acknowledged that part (a small part, of course!) of the reason for his assessment is due to quality of the venue itself. He said there isn't a bad seat anywhere and the sound is great there. He also was bragging (because he lives in Denver) that the Colorado people are always polite and respectful concert-goers. They rock... but they're "nice" about it. Apparently...


    Keep your onions crossed for a Red Rocks - CA show in 2013. Personally, I think it'll happen.

  5. It seems that somewhere over the last few years a certain level of tolerance has emerged for people taking pictures and video at rock concerts. Not sure why, but I do recall it wasn't that long ago that if you were seen with any type of recording device they'll throw your ass out of the venue. I think it's mainly because with most portable phones you can record video and pictures. Would or could the venue disallow cell phone at shows? I think they could, by law, if they wanted to. They did with audio recorders, so why not disallow phones? A phone is an audio recorder too.


    But, even still, people bravely hold up phones right in front of the talent these days, almost like it's the thing to do. Didn't Axl go nuts in St. Louis over someone taking pictures about a decade ago? I couldn't see that happening now. Phones (with pictures and video) are everwhere.


    I wouldn' like someone holding up a sign in front of me all night either. A few times here and there during a show is fine, because after all, we're at a rock concert and people go a bit wild. People having fun is to be expected.. But, all night? No goddam way.

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  6. I'm surprised to hear anyone say the sound isn't good at the Gibson Theater. Normally, theaters are designed for live sound, whereas hockey arenas are designed for... hockey. I don't know why they don't play at The Staples Center. I'm sure they would pretty much pack the place, especially since LA is one big-ass city. They used to sell out two nights at the LA Forum.


    Have fun tonight!! Lucky pricks... (and prickettes)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  7. I've been getting my ass kicked this season. Not having as much time in the stand as usual, but I'm just not seeing the deer numbers that I normally do around here. Got two tags to fill, buck and doe. Now, it's down to the meat... time to crank out the 30.30.
  8. I think the videos are well done, but I'm not really a big fan of them. I preferred the Rush of the old days when they cool, not funny. But, I must say, all three guys do a damn good job in front of the camera... even Neil. One major problem concerning the outdoor shows is that it's usually still daylight enough to prevent the audience from really seeing the opening video. Indoor shows, much better...
  9. If you happen to run across his path, and if you speak to him, call him John Ellwood. He'd probably rather that than Neil Peart. Then, see if he needs an oil change on his bike...


    When you've done all that, ask him if he can send me a couple free tickets to one of the shows in Europe, including air fare and hotel... five star only please. But, DON'T ask him for his autopgraph.



  10. I love that part too and I have always said that La Villa is one of Rush's VERY best songs. If there was ever a doubt as to the proficiency of their playing, just listen to this song. It's a masterpiece. And, they wrote and recorded it when they were about 25 or so... not too shabby.


    Good ol' boys from TO.


    When I was in high school Hemispheres was a big album, especially among musicians. All the drummers (me included) would work endlessly trying to learn that effing song. Finally a few of us did learn it and I was one of them. I couldn't play these days to save my though...



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