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  1. For those of you who have not seen this one, check it out. You'll be shocked at HOW much these guys sound like Rush. This one was done in a studio so they can get the exact sound they want and record it, and holy shit... While you're watching, check out the gear and imagine what it all must cost!!
  2. I agree with all the comments so far and they are mostly obvious replies. I guess my main point is about the COST! The amount of cash these guys drop on just the equipment would be enough to make me wanna say, "Okay, this isn't quite THAT fun!!" BUT - If a band (like Mystic Rhythms apparently) can sell out a 1,500 seater... that's a different story altogether. Good for them!!!
  3. Geddy has done more promo for this than for any tour that I can remember... I hope they sell a lot of books. I'm sure they will!
  4. Another good copy of a Rush song... the music is especially accurate. The drummer makes every single hit, spot on.
  5. I have seen quite a few (at least 20, although there are hundreds) Rush tribute bands and some of them are surprisingly good. Lotus Land, for example, some might say sounds better than Rush. And, when I say "good" I mean they sound great, but also in how much money they spend on equipment, stage sets (I've seen backdrop videos screens, dry ice, lazer lights, flash pots and mechanical drum risers). I'm honestly not sure why these people do it... other than for their own satisfaction I suppose. Some of these bands have near identical drum sets (electronic drums and samplers included), double-neck Gibson guitars, double-neck Rickenbackers with bass and guitar, Taurus pedals, similar keyboards to what Geddy has used over the years... on and on. All this gear would cost MANY thousands... I shudder to think of the actual financial invest required to pull this off. Then, there's the time off work and the travelling costs to play out of town gigs. I've never heard of any REALLY big Rush Tribute bands at the level of the Pink Floyd Experience where they can headline a 3,000 seat theater and actually make a few bucks. Add in the rehearsal time... All this to play in a bar that brings in a whopping 150 people, mostly who are friends and family of the band in a lot of cases. WHY do they do it?
  6. Okay, Zumbi... yes to all three questions. Accept for the 2112 version. St Louis, 1980 is still the best, but it's not the entire 2112, so your version takes it. I guess... I saw at least 10 shows at the old Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto (T'ronno) and I can say that the crowds were ALWAYS loud and rowdy. I remember near the beginning of one of the Signals tour shows (they always played three nights in those days) a huge wave of people just charged the stage. They came from the back of the floor seats. There was nothing the security dudes could do. I remember Geddy saying, "Don't push too hard now, someone might get mangled." I also saw 4 shows in Ottawa at the Civic Centre and again, LOUD crowds. I've also seen them in Minneapolis 4 times and I noticed LOUD crowds , but not noticeably different.
  7. Hemispheres for me... Just the musicianship alone does it. but, the songs... it's a perfect example of prog rock. Not progressive rock like early Yes or Genny, but one of the first prog rock albums. I remember first playing and thinking how great it was. A good step up from AFTK.
  8. I must be a dumb Canadian... because I have no idea what the hell this about. You could have posted pictures of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd for all I would know... or Oprah and Fake Dr. Phil.
  9. Do you listen to music or just like to wear headphones while waving? You'd have to ask Pye Dubois that question...
  10. And, listen to the weather... I'm checking out!
  11. Actually it was an ARP Odyssey synthesiser... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARP_Odyssey I seem to recall reading that it took a bit of time to assemble it, I would imagine it would be tough to recreate live. A similar synth was used by Pete Townshend on Won't Get Fooled Again, which The Who always played live using a tape. Geddy said in an interview years ago that the 2112 intro was in fact the soundtrack of the accompanying film. Yes, it was an ARP. What the hell was I thinking? Mellotrone... that's a "Watcher of the Skies" Genesis type deal.
  12. What I do not understand this post me...
  13. Yes, very sad. These guys don't need the cash, so why they are embarrassing themselves is beyond me. I watched a few youtubes on the latest tour and it's nothing more than a constant fireworks display with old dudes in costumes and make up. They sound so bad. If it really is the "final tour" it should have been done with Ace and Peter. Even if they still sounded like shit, at least it would be THE band that 95% of people want. But, they just can't put all the arguing and bullshit aside and do it for the fans. Pathetic.
  14. So you'd be OK if 2112 started out without the whoosh? No "By-Tor" growls during the instrumental section? Good point... I guess if there are parts that can only be heard if they're sampled in, like the opening of 2112, then fine. But, that's the opening to a song. For By Tor, do one of the guys trigger those sounds with Taurus pedals? If so, that's okay because they are just sounds ... even noises. But, why would it be so hard for Geddy to actually play the opening of 2112? When Huge Syme did it on a Mellotrone, it was probably so heavily produced in the studio that it couldn't be played live. I guess... During the rap part in Roll The Bones, Geddy could have done that live. It was his voice used in the studio. The soundman could have those settings ready to go on the board. Live is always better when it's possible.
  15. There has been a ton of accusations about Kiss' Paul Stanley lip synching on the current tour. I've seen a few clips where it sure does look he's doing that. The outrage is fair because people are paying for a live show. Eddie Trunk has a good piece on it this week. Now for Rush... (my favourite band) it's known that since about 1985 or so they used sequencers to add in additional keyboard parts that Geddy just couldn't play live. I've also heard pre-recorded backing vocals being used during live Rush shows as well. It sure looks like Alex is lip synching his "backing vocals" which is because the guy is a horrible singer. During Neil's solo, we hear a horn section that he plays along to. I never really heard any complaints about any of this and not much was ever said about it. One of the things that drew me to Rush in the first place was how three guys made such a huge sound live. Neil's additional percussion, Lifeson played Taurus pedals, different types of guitars and a guitar synth, and of course, Lee played double neck, synths, Taurus pedals... sometimes all in the same song (Xanadu would be one example.) I think that if a show is a live show, there should be NO sounds taped in. If I was at a Kiss show, I'd demand my goddam money back.
  16. Looks like a great book and the fact that Geddy is doing a ton of promo for it, tells us he's really happy with the final product. I still wish he would have nailed down Paul McCartney for an interview.
  17. This will sound odd to most... I'm not a big fan of the 2112 album. The studio recording of 2112 is very dry sounding, almost sounds like it was recorded in a closet. The drums sound like there were blankets on them to muffle the sound. Noise gates were commonly used back then (especially on drums) to help control the recording process.... then maybe they weren't made to sound more real (hotter) in the mix?? The whole thing sounds distant... hard to explain what I mean. The songs on side 2 are okay, average at best. But I doubt they were trying to write hits to appease the label. Now - the LIVE 2112... especially around 1980 - 1981 is wicked. The Keil Auditorium in St. Louis, 1980, is probably the best of the best for 2112.
  18. I remember sitting at home in Ottawa listening to the St Louis, (Keil, Feb 1980) live broadcast when it was aired on the radio, Chez 106. The next day in school, EVERYONE, even our goddam gym teacher was talking about it.
  19. So happy for these kids... two of them just finished high school in June. Sadly, pretty much all the rock awards were handed out before the TV broadcast. The live show was all rap, hip & hop, techno dance pop bubble gum bullshit. The Grammys were once really good... back in the 70s.
  20. I wish this Led Zepp stuff would stop. If people would actually listen to their new album, it sounds very little like ZP. And, so what if you can hear that influence? Have you heard the first Rush album lately? Give these kids a break. They really are very good and will only get better, especially, as they mature.
  21. Sounds like the Manchester UK gig from 6/2/77. Love that version of the Necromancer. So much better than that one from the Rockford show in 1975. Love the noodling at the beginning too. Yep they played The Necromancer on the first UK tour in June 77 before going to Rockfield to record AFTK. That explains it... I saw the AFTK tour in Ottawa, April 1, 1978. They didn't play Necromancer to my memory.
  22. I think I just solved my own question about the date / tour of this recording. I just listed again and near the end of the Necromancer, (about 16:50) I can hear Geddy playing rhythm guitar and bass pedals during Alex's solo. He did not have the Ricky double-neck in 1976. Still not sure where this was recorded... sneaky suspicion tells me somewhere in the UK because it sounds like a fairly small crowd (less than 2,500 people) and in North America Rush was headlining much larger venues (for the most part) on the AFTK tour.
  23. It says this is from 1977, but I don't think they played the Necromancer on the AFTK tour, I would have remembered it. I have a feeling this audio is from 1976, could be wrong. Great sound and if you ever wondered what Rush sounded like back then, especially Geddy's voice, you should check this out.
  24. Lifeson, Lee, Portnoy, Derrick Sherinian and then... who else could sing along with Geddy? Too bad Cornell is no longer with us. Could you imagine?
  25. Agreed... his voice on Clockwork Angels was fantastic. But, sure, live he is a little rough at times for a pile of obvious reasons. One, is singing four nights a week for three hours. Two, his age... but, he still sounds great in the studio. Yay for Pro Tools!
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