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  1. Many great recordings of the tour. I remember the Ottawa, Ontario show... 8,000 people, packed and sold out. I nearly lost my shit. I kept on thinking to myself... How does he DO that? (Geddy.)


    I was there and will never forget it :haz:

    Wish I could find a recording of that one along with the April '78 show (my first) also at the Civic Center

    Hey if you there, you might remember (for the end of the encore) Alex being on the shoulders of that huge roadie guy? He was running around the stage (with Alex on his shoulders) and Alex was ripping his guitar for the end of the show. Also, do you remember Neil being at Geddy's microphone and thanking the Ottawa crowd? That was at the beginning of the encore. That was the only time I've ever heard of Neil addressing the crowd on a microphone... Stellar memories.

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  2. There are a few songs on the debut that I really like: Finding My Way (wicked riff), Working Man and Here Again. But, to me, the debut album really isn’t Rush. It’s a hard rock band before it became Rush. Neil turned what always had down deep inside them into Rush.


    However, I can’t stand to listen to Working Man live. They always play it WAY too slow and to be honest, I don’t like the way Neil plays it. He OVER plays it. Rutsey did a better job of holding it down (tight as a frog's ass) while Alex goes mental on the solos.

  3. I don't know HOW they keep track of all this sequencer stuff live... they must have to REALLY pay attention. But - what really got me into Rush in the 70s, was how they made that big FAT sound all live - without any sequencers. Especially, Geddy... what he did LIVE was astonishing and only at the age of 25. Crazy talent.
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  4. Not sure if this has been talked about here or not... if so, please forgive me.



    For at least 13 years now, I've been hearing that Rush has sold 40 million albums worldwide. This doesn’t sound right to me. If this is right, that means they haven’t sold anything since Vapor Trails in 2002? They’ve had 3 studio albums and 5 live albums since VT.



    Also, Rush is more mainstream now after BTLS and the RRHOF. One would think they’d be well over the 50 million mark at this point.

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  5. Hemispheres will always be my favourite Rush album, but in second place... Permanent Waves, no doubt. When I first heard Natural Science, I nearly lost my shit. I remember running (okay, walking fast) from Treble Clef music store in Ottawa with that damn vinyl record under my arm. When I got home, I must have played it 6 times over and over...
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  6. I've watched my DVD copy three times now and I think this a GREAT live concert DVD. Well, OF COURSE there are minor flaws. This was recorded LIVE... as in... in front of an audience. If anyone doesn't understand that, they must have ridden the "short bus" to school, rather than the long one...
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  7. Most of us Canadians will know about FM, a GREAT prog rock band that was popular in the late 70s and into the early 80s. Three guys, Cameron Hawkins – keyboards, bass guitar and lead voice, Martin Dellar (good friend of Neil Peart) on drums and “Nash the Slash” on electric violin / viola, electric mandolin and programming. Slash (Jeff Plewman died last year.)

    After the first album, Black Noise, Nash left and Ben Mink (Losing It, Rush) joined the band. But he left a few years later. They’ve come and gone over the last 25 years or so, with various members. FM never really did “make it” but they were SO good and SO far ahead of their time. They opened for Rush many times on the Moving Pictures tour and were well known in Canada. Sadly, a band could be “well known” in Canada, but still not make any money. FM could pack clubs and small halls and theatres, but that was as far as they got. I saw them many times… GREAT live band.

    Check these out… the first two are with Nash the Slash and the other are with Ben Mink:





  8. Lorraine, I agree! And, without all the goddam sequencers et cetera that are used these days. Back then, if you heard it coming through the speakers, it meant someone played it. The Hemispheres Tour was probably the best of all.

    Thunder Bay, I will always remember you. When I first came here, you were one of the very first people to make me feel at home. I asked you a question about what Neil was doing on the drums during either TS or DEW.


    I just finished listening to almost that entire bootleg. Really extraordinary. The sound is exceptional - especially when you remember it's 1978!!!

    Hey, Lorriane... I remember that... you were wondering what it was that Neil was doing when he laid his stick down across the snare drum. He was doing a rim shot... I remember that from like... three years ago, but I have no goddam idea where my wallet and keys are... do you know by any chance?
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  9. That weird sound you hear on the drums is probably by way of a phase shifter or flanger... in those days, those types of sounds would have been controlled by the front house live mixer dude. (Audio tech, or sound man.) And, yes, this is a great DRUM solo!! Those Slingerland drums are still the best sounding drums he's ever played.
  10. let me first say "IMHO"....


    Is Neil done with Rush? I don't think so. Done with big tours, I say yes. But Neil still is playing very well for his age and he enjoys making music. He's a person that always has to keep busy and do something. I think he'll eventually get the itch again to write some material and want to record with the guys again. No idea when. 1,2,3 years? I just feel that Neil is the type or person that likes to prove he still has it and if he still has the phsyical ability to play drums and write music, he will.


    It's possible to see maybe a 5-10 city tour or something. Like shows at some big cities. (toronto, LA, chicago, NY, etc). If it doesn't happen, I've already told myself I'm ok with it. These guys (mainly Neil) has more than earned the right to call it quits whenever they want to. But I really don't think we've seen the last of Neil musically.

    Perfectly put.
  11. Sorry, Narps... you ain't the only old dude here. 5 effing 3 for me. Anyway... anyone who thinks that Rush could or would continue without Neil doesn't know much about the band. There is no replacement for any of the boys. Simple as friggin that~!
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  12. Speaking of unreal drummers… this girl, Senri Kawaguchi, from Japan, is only about 17. I have no doubts that in about 5 or 6 years, she will be in the top five drummers on the planet. The scary thing is that when she was only 13 or 14, she was incredible. She is like a female Tony Royster Jr.


    I think she weighs about 85 pounds, soaking wet, but she hits those drums with huge power. Her technique is top shelf and her hand and foot speed is way beyond her years. Many of the so-called “famous” drummers of today could not even compete with her brilliance. There is lots of video of on the Google.


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  13. Check out his double-pedal work here. I don't know that Neil could do it.



    I’ve been playing drums all my life… I’m not very good these days, but I know what I’m talking about. I just watched the Carter Beauford solo and it’s very good, obviously. The double pedal part you mentioned is not hard. Fast single strokes with the bass drums is all that is. There is nothing in this solo that Neil couldn’t do. In fact, unless my ears deceived me, I heard parts of Carter’s solo that sound familiar to some of Neil’s solo bits from back as far as the 70s.




    This whole notion of who could kick someone’s ass on the drums, or who is the best, or better… who can or can’t “groove” … is a constant argument. There are way too many unbelievable drummers out there today, many of whom could kick even Buddy Rich’s ass… who many people still believe is untouchable.




    Don’t believe me? YouTube these guys… Thomas Lang, Tony Royster Jr. You will be shocked at what you see.

  14. Oh my Jesuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus effing keeeeeriste! I just lost my sh**… and I’m not even kidding. All down my leg, RIGHT THROUGH my socks, busted a hole in one of my slippers, along the floor and then out the kitchen door. The neighbour slipped in it as she walked to her car. Which is great, because I don’t like her very much anyway.


    That performance of Xanada is, for anyone too young to remember the 70s, perfect.


    Hey, Tomorrow, get here fast… only one more sleep!!!!!!!!!!!

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  15. Ahem... shameless plug... cough....




    We're playing in Delaware on December 5th! Full 3+ hour show. ;)

    Kenny, it is not a "shameless" plug you made... it's a very worthy one. Your tribute band is excellent. There are two Rush tribute bands that stand out from the rest in my opinion - KRush (Kenny's band) and Lotus Land. Both of these bands are unreal. The amount of rehearsal, attention to detail and MONEY these bands spend must be insane.
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  16. Neil has worked very hard to become one of the best rock drummers out there. 40 years or so on the road... he went through some personal crap that many people could not have made it through... He has a wife and a young daughter (I am so happy that he found a "second chance" at a great family life.) If he doesn't want to tour anymore, I can understand why. Pretty obvious, really.




    Don't forget... the man is 62. Anyone here ever thought about retiring? I hear some pretty insensitive things about Neil and it bugs the sh** outta me. We should all be thankful that we ever had the chance to hear and see him play, read his lyrics and books. The man is getting some bad arrows slung in his direction and it’s not fair. Stop being so selfish.




    I hope he does retire.

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