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  1. Yes, to all the comments about coolness and all that, but one more consideration, is that back in the AFTK Tour days, they played on stages that were a lot smaller than those of future tours. Maybe setting up a guitar on a stand wasn't practical... not enough room? Okay, never mind... it just looks friggin' COOL!
  2. BEST drum sound? Has to be Moving Pictures. The way they are produced in studio, but I also love those Tamas. If anyone wants to hear this, the worst drum sound, I think, is on 2112. They sound like there are blankets over top of them... horrible, especially, the small concert toms, 6 through 10 inch.
  3. I think I'm about to get my balls kicked here... but, I think Keith is one of the most over-rated guitar players out there. He hasn't improved in 45 years. If you saw him playing in a club, but he wasn't the "Famous Keith, Rock Star," just some dude, you'd probably be unimpressed.
  4. Neil's drum solos were always really fluid, graceful and pretty for lack of a better word as he got older. Even when he was younger, Neil always tried to put some style and flair into his solos.


    Now Karl, that dude just went out and beat the shit out of his drums in the most precise, loud and obnoxious manner possible, and all while using traditional grip. His solos were never pretty, but they showed just how damn fast he was, how precise he was and volatile his playing was.


    I loved Rush and ELP growing up and Neil and Karl were my idols, with Karl being the guy I actually admired more. Neil plays a more beautiful style of drum and I think he has more creativity with his instruments, but if you put those two men side by side and had them play five songs, Neil could never keep up with Karl. He was a lightning bolt as a young man, even when Neil was a much more nimble player, and even now, Karl is still capable of playing like he did when he was 30. Maybe not 22, but certainly 30. I don't think Neil is and has been for a long time. It's not to discount Neil one bit, two different styles and different levels of natural ability.

    Yes, agreed. Carl is one of the very best technically skilled rock drummers out there. Neil's best asset (of many!) is his grace and creativity. His drums really are musical instruments.

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  5. If you make bannock, make sure you get the oil HOT! At least 350 - 375 degrees or it'll be a soggy shit show... you can sub out the blueberries for dried cranberries, although the ones touching the pan will burn a bit. Just call it "rustic" and people will buy it... "Oh, look, it's rustic!"
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  6. I remember back in 1994 (I think?) ELP played in Thunder Bay, Ontario... that's right, I said, THUNDER ABY, ONTARIO, in a theatre that holds 1500. I couldn't believe it... ELP in a small northern Canadian city? I was fourth in line to buy tickets a month or two before the show day. At the show I was shocked that there were only about 800 people there. They were incredible... Carl's drum solo was so good, I had a hard time even knowing what he was doing and I've been playing drums all my life.
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  7. I watched R40 again last night for the first time in a few months... and it is a great concert video. Just seeing Ben Mink playing Losing It with the guys was worth the whole thing to me... Yes, there are a few things that I didn't love, but how could there NOT be? Everyone has different tastes... just the fact that these guys are in their 60s and still ROCK... is amazing to me. Stop your goddam complaining and just be happy that you even know who or what Rush is.
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  8. "If I could wave my magic wand," I'd make everyone stop bitching about Neil and just be thankful that he went for that audition in summer / '74. Nobody is perfect... but, I'll bet if any of you complainers knew the guy, even a tiny bit, you'd probably think he was the best guy ever. Leave the goddam man alone. Go do some Neil air drumming instead...
  9. I remember looking at this when I was about 15 and convincing myself (and anyone else who would listen!) that they were in Geddy's house... or Al's or Neil's... They were HUGE rock stars to a 15 year old, so they "just had to be" millionaires! But, I suppose it wasn't long after this photo was taken that the boys easily could afford nice homes. And, cars...
  10. Okay, here is what I want - all of my food and water must be organic, free-range, local, artisan, fair trade, gluten free, kosher and 100% certified vegan. Did I miss anything??????
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