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    Hershy PA, TM Tour
  • Favorite Rush Song
    Analog kid, Marathon, Hemispheres, Animate, Limelight... asking this is like asking you to kill one of your children you just can't chose
  • Favorite Rush Album
    singnals, GUP, Clockwork, Presto, Counterparts...
  • Best Rush Experience
    Any of my concert experiences are in my mind, but particularly the last one i went to with my best friend from the second grade was pretty epic especially the synchronized air drumming.
  • Other Favorite Bands
    STYX, Journey, Tom Petty, some prog metal like dream theatre and Kamalot, but mostly stuff from the 70s and 80s
  • Musical Instruments You Play
    Drums , guitar (a little), Bass ( a little), sax( many years)
  1. QUOTE (drbirdsong @ Sep 23 2012, 01:17 AM)One question. I was enjoying the show when my wife pointed out someone that seemed to REALLY be enjoying the show. Then that person traded places with another person that started enjoying the show in the same way. We realized that what was going on was that these people were signing the show. They even signed the solos. It was odd to see. Why would a deaf person go to a rock concert? Well it's actually quite simple. i myself have a 20-40% hearing loss in both ears and tinnitus (constant ringing or buzzing in the ears) all from genetic conic ear infections. Concerts for me are one of the few times where one i hear the music at a volume that is actually loud compared to my headphones. Now while not deaf it's a simple to expand this, deaf people like concerts due to vibrations and the lights. Since they can feel the show it's the closest thing to hearing and if there bones around there ear still work independent of their middle ear picking up the occasional rhythm and tone is possible(while extremely muted and distorted). It's for them the closest thing to actually hearing and feeling human and not handicapped by there hearing.
  2. My thoughts exactly this man speaks the truth, I agree Middleton dreams would have been awesome but what you gonna do beggars can't be choosers. And i do think there is something about things being too good to be true. now where have i herd that before...
  3. I'd say both after they were both played tonight. I know it shocked me too, wish them well is awesome but this time i can make an exception.
  4. Sir you are a ruffian and a scoundrel. I also just got back from this show and i gotta be carefully about how much i say as i was thinking about making a tread related to my feeling about the show so I'll keep this simple and to the point. BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not kidding. I had a blast. As a fan getting into the second decade of seeing ever tour i can truly say this was my favorite. Analog Kid was a joy, as well as where's my thing, as for Manhattan projects haters, this show turned me the live version had me jumping and the guitar part is stuck in my head and in there it shall stay for several days. I was not around for the 80s or early 90s shows, and this has allowed me to see the songs I never thought i would, and for that I'm great full, and so should you there pushing 60 give them a break. As for prices, i admit it was a little under packed, but not nearly as much as you think it was. As for high paying customers, some of us who shell out the money to get better seats got them as gifts I got mine as a graduation present (11th or 12 row) or some might want to take there kids, yeah all seats are expensive, but look at what they give you. if your blind and can't hear maybe i could expect your response otherwise I hope you take a chill pill i hear they come in suppository form.
  5. All the first 15 rows are VIP nation seats that are no longer on sale, as far as i know those rows are sold out. There is a chance that someone may cancel and a seat will open up(highly unlikely but still possible) I'd call the venue in the morning and afternoon and if your close and hour before, then hightail it over if it's available. As for price it can be reduced but, not all places do that, so be prepared to pay the 200 -400 $ on the fly. Who knows if you get lucky we may bump into each other tomorrow or maybe the stars aren't aligned, we'll find out then. As for the person who has to drive, I'm doing the same thing 4 15 min drive, with RUSH it's always worth it, i actually gave up a acting role that i was offered cause someone got sick at my theater, (i mean i knew the guy and it was just a cold and I've seen him pull through before, and i already was assistant directing and sound designer so i needed a break) to go to the Hershey show in 2011. It was one of the best decisions i ever made.
  6. Here's Where's my thing: Also this poster has every single song from the first show up if your still missing any. BTW I'm gonna try to get my better recorder to tomorrows show, I got one of the first 15 rows so I'm hoping to get some good footage.
  7. Thanks for the advice. And i can't even begin how thrilled i am to hear that it's easier driving than Phili; that alone takes away half my fears.
  8. Yes the shows in Pittsburgh, I'm just saying I've driven in Philly i live round central Pa.
  9. Hello, RUSH forum. I am in a bit of a jam but, with the right kind of help i may have an edible sandwich. The problem with this show is i am going alone and i don't know the area. And i am driving about four hours on top of that to get there( i know there are probably people who drive further than me but, they most likely have more experience; that being said i have done several sate wide trips in days and driving in cities like phili just not with out passengers to guide me). I'm checking into a hotel south east of phili sometime in the afternoon so i can just go back to my room and sleep after the show. So my question is what is parking like and are there options, and more appropriately what's is traffic like in pitt and coming from Greensburg is there any good way to come in to pitt? I'd thank anyone in advance who can give me even a hint of advice. Thanks, A fellow RUSH fan
  10. Found the last two songs together, and if it that's not enough to say may i might add that SOTR sounds better than it did last tour.
  11. I got and email yesterday for the show in phili on Tuesday. Yet noting on the other stuff other than there shipping it, i did see that in a previous e-mail that you should receive the e-mail about the ticket location around 5 days before the concert. Since your show is Thursday you should get one today or tomorrow i think. I hope this helps, and rock on
  12. A to b Different degrees So much style without substance So much stuff without style It's hard to recognize the real thing It comes along once in a while I feel like there trying to say something here... or maybe I'm just reading too much into it. Could there be something there hinting at the set lists maybe, maybe not?
  13. Personally i think this set list is top notch. I am not a new fan not anymore i don't think(10 years). I started going to these concerts when i was 18 for the S&A tour and have been to 5 so far and two more to be added to this tour. When i discovered this band i went crazy, i immersed my self in their lore and music. I became that local RUSH nut 24/7 and then i realized i needed to tone it down outside of my friends as contrary to my 14 year old brain they weren't the only band that was good. Years later I've added some of my friends to the club and did enough to at one point go to a concert with 6 of my friends. Why go into all this. Well i think i represent not the new fans but the getting older fans. Having just finished college and heading on to grad school life is changing, as wells as my views on life, and i hope their maturing. I look at this set list and am happy to see so many older songs, and for me personally and anyone whose only been going to concerts from the 2000s . plus the amazing part for me is i have only seen about 6 of these songs performed live before. unlike the last tour that's a lot of new experiences. And anyone who stared on RUSH Retrospectives will love this , my best friend who just became a fan looked at the set list and said have the songs of the first act where enough to get him to go. So i think for a good number and I can't generalized outside of the group of people i know, but i can speculate that a lot of the fans around my age will be extremely please to hear so much stuff I've never heard before live. My only complaint is the use of Red Sector A and Manhattan project. I do think both could be played but there out of place. Red sector A seems a bit two depressing to be that close to the end i think switching it with something from the first set would not be a bad idea, if they really wanted to keep it in. Manhattan project i really think should be switched with something from the first set like territories. I do think it has a place in the concert just not at the end. That or another solution since I'm indifferent to those two (when I'm at the concert I'm sure it would not matter as much because i would just be glad to be there) i would throw in the fear trilogy give one more staple song one more singles, and one Grace under presser, whats not to like and that would lead to some great energy towards the end. These however are just my opinions, I think as fans we need to be willing to just listing to what they have to offer and enjoy it and i think by letting them do things this way we might get just as a surprising R40. Just my opinion. Can't wait for this Tuesday
  14. I found working man and analog kid 5 pages into my search. Working man: Analog kid: hold the phone page 6 Tom Sawyer: YYZ: Big Money: That's all I've found for now. Add full territories:
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