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  1. Great list, but...in what world is a band's highest charting single of all time a hidden gem? (NWM) I guess I have to brush up on my history :P I was basing it off how many tours the guys have played it live. But I guess if it's too popular, I'll pick anotha one haha
  2. Rush: Here Again Fly By Night: Making Memories Caress of Steel: The Necromancer 2112: The Twilight Zone AFtK: A Farewell to Kings Hemispheres: Circumstances Permanent Waves: Different Strings (I would've said JL, but that one was recently put in the limelight this past tour.) MP: Witch Hunt Signals: The Weapon P/G: Kid Gloves PoW: Emotion Detector HYF: Turn The Page Presto: Chain Lightning RTB: Face Up Counterparts: Cold FIre Test For Echo: Limbo Vapor Trails: Vapor Trail Snakes & Arrows: We Hold On Clockwork Angels: Seven Cities of Gold I'm a bass player and alot of these songs have killer bass work and are just really diamonds in the rough that I feel don't get enough attention. Really some good stuff...
  3. It was this time last year that 2 friends of mine and I started a roadtrip from Worcester MA to Tulsa to see these guys!!! We made it after 20+ hours of driving but it was so worth it. It was the beginning of the end, and I could feel it that night, but it was amazing. I wish that I could live it all again!
  4. Ged developed the bass part in a very unique way this time around and I aboslutely love it. It's already a very challenging song as it stands, but the R40 version takes it up a notch. I would have definitley have rather heard Limbo over TMMB, but still getting to see this one live (I only became a fan right after TMT) was definitely a treat. Also, the lighting was crazy during the song. I feel it was truly bliss to see it live every time I saw them this past tour...
  5. Fixed. Musically, Digital Man is fantastic in my opinion... Ged is all over the place and is very subtle with each run that he does. Lyrically, it is lacking will admit that, but just listen to his isolated track: it's insane http://www.youtube.c...h?v=cIN6Yt6iV3U The others, I couldn't agree with more
  6. I don't hear anything from Presto, but there's a bit of One Little Victory and Earthshine. Around the 50 second mark there's a song that I think might be from Presto. Oh, you might be right. I thought that was Roll the Bones, but why would they splice two different parts from the same song together. Its defintiely just Presto.. I believe its the break down just before "don't ask me I'm just improvising"
  7. I've played my R40 bluray several times now on my PS3 and haven't experienced any of these problems.... Don't know what it is about the discs...
  8. It was so good to be there. From my perspective because I was stage left side, I could see all of the changes that were going on with the drum set and the amps. It was really a special treat!!!! I have video somewhere. Moving that drumset was a bitch that night!
  9. Aww so many memories!!! I still can't believe I was there that night and road tripped out there from the east coast.
  10. I'm back with another drinking game.. This time for the upcoming R40 Blu-Ray/DVD!!! I think the rules this time should include: 1 Drink When: The physical set changes (pieces get removed, dryers appear, amps get taken away, etc.) An explosion or fire is set off Geddy changes basses.. You'd be hammered in no time ;D
  11. I'm 19 now and first discovered rush when I was around 14 or 15... I think the first song that I was exposed to was YYZ through Guitar Hero Smash Hits. The only reason I was into older music was because this game and Rockband really got me into it. I remember around the same time I was really into Pink Floyd and the messages in their music resonated with me immensely because I had faced similar situations that Roger Waters had written about (isolation, loss of a parent (his dad and my mom to cancer)). And then I moved away from them because it was a little to self absorbed in the late 70's early 80's floyd (The Wall & Final Cut). Fast forward six months, 10th grade english teacher suggested I listen to some Rush, and that same year rush was featured in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock with the entire 2112 suite... I fell in love with that composition and then started to look into them more. I remember one day Time Machine Tour was about to be released, and it was featured on VH1 Classic. I watched the condensed version and saw how awesome these old guys really were! I bought the Blu-Ray the next day along with Beyond the Lighted Stage and the rest is history. Once I started delving into the back catalog and found out what happened to Neil in the late 90's and found out how awesome Alex and Geddy are, Rush has become a lifestyle. Its lead to me picking up Bass Guitar and most recently getting a YYZ morse code Tattoo... Rush flows through my veins... Side Note: My parents were never/are not into Hard Rock, my dad is into disco and weird genres as a dj, and my mom was into Mowtown, Billy Joel, The Eagles, and a couple softer rock groups..
  12. That's just a dolly that has a stage camera on it that projects them up on the huge screens... I'd answer the other question too, but I dont know what type of specifics you're looking for
  13. Alex has a set of effects pedals and things that change his guitar sound in a split second. He also has a midi bass pedal interface that allows him to trigger samples and synth sounds... Geddy just has two sets of the latter part of my previous description. Here's a video with a better view from the Time Machine Tour
  14. I think the song is killer and I agree... The "mighty ocean" part is one of my favorite bass parts to jam out too... It's a very busy song that has a lot of nuances in it!! I find it very underrated....
  15. SO CHILLING!!! I WAS THERE THAT NIGHT AND I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT HAPPENED!! FIRST TIME PLAYED IN THE USA!!!! Now that I got that out of my system, I really hope whoever mixed this video does the R40 video.. It is spectacular!!
  16. Fantastic journal!! Where did you live off of Route 9? I keep my boat and vacation in a marina in Waretown... It's a small world. I lived on Chestnut Street, off of Bay Parkway. First left in Waretown past the power plant, right after crossing the bridge, before the liquor store. Wow. Tony Munafu...former bodyguard of Sylvester Stallone had a small store that sold lottery tickets off of Bay Parkway Holy shit.. Don't know if Holiday Harbor was around then, but if you keep going down the road and take the fork to the left, right off of admiral way is where we're at lol Small World indeed.. Rush on!!
  17. Fantastic journal!! Where did you live off of Route 9? I keep my boat and vacation in a marina in Waretown...
  18. I've heard that TCE was filmed in KC similar to the OH Atlanta stuff on S&As... In addition, I wouldn't be surpised if they bootlegged the bootleggers... *cough* *cough* Pink Floyd *cough*cough* https://www.youtube....h?v=zEOc2yPnfa0
  19. This!!! I saw the Tulsa show, so the energy was completely different when they opened with Clockwork Angels instead of The Anarchist... And after the show that night, I thought about how much better it would be if they swapped the two and then two nights later boom... It happened!! Such a kickass opener...
  20. If you had to worry/care about how to classify yourself as a Rush fan or not, then you it creates a paradox about what the band has stood for for all these years (Very wordy statement, but I can't think of a better way to put it.) You enjoy a culture that has affected so many people in many different ways. If the guys had given in to "popular opinion" early on, you wouldn't have the opportunity to enjoy the late classics. I personally enjoy T4E and CA sooo much!!! And it's just your opinion... Because you know what they say about opinions, they're like assh... Alright I won't go there :) But in all seriousness, you're more than just a part of the rush fanbase, you're apart of a larger "family..."
  22. Do I smell a witch hunt brewing? Everyone grab your torches and pitchforks... EDIT: On second thought, I think it was just some chicken in the oven that I smelled burning... They are just like the same thing though..
  23. Probably because he's so happy that he can get home within an hour and that he doesn't have to do the R40 tour... EDIT: This is a bit unfair, but we all were thinking it. I don't know where his head is at...
  24. I'm right there with you.. Especially as a late 19 year old hormonal teenager, its the worst haha... But seriously, their music and impact will live on forever and make an impression upon generations to come!!
  25. Apparently Taylor Hawkins, Chad Smith, Danny Carey, Jack Black, Bubbles. Also I did see Matt Stone at the end of the scope taking a picture with a fan...
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