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    Here Again. And Double Agent. And The Fountain of Lamneth. And Ghost Rider. And...
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    The first time I heard them... 10 years old, no one on the radio to tell me what band it was, and I fell in love with Geddy's voice... The song? Here Again.
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    Henry Purcell, Pink Floyd
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    Guitar and bass
  1. Hmmm... in many 70s lines, he sounds sooo cute that make me wanna hug him! Like these: Rivendell: the whole song. Especially that "escape the world" part, it sounds like an elf singing... aawwnn. In The End - the acoustic part. Reeeeeally cute! Panacea in The Fountain of Lamneth. I love when he sings that softly, it really gets me. The "Discovery" part of 2112, too. Listen to that "gently like rain". I love to hear his tongue on "gently", and... he sings it so gently Tears is one of those I just can't sing along, it's almost a sin. You have to hear him doing it. And, ooh, it's so sad and beautiful and great and... The chorus in The Twilight Zone. It sends a shiver down my spine. Skipping a few years... oh, wait, there's Xanadu. Another big one. Natural Science... the Tide Pools part. Damn, he's great! I overplay this one every time I listen to Permanent Waves. Losing It is one of the best pieces of melancholy a guy has ever sung. Thanks God it was Geddy! The chorus in Between The Wheels too. And that "handle with kid gloves..." on (duh) Kid Gloves. So cute. Okay, let's shorten it. I guess I posted enogh, but there's so many more "cuteness"... So I'll finish with Double Agent. Its spoken part - so sexy. The first time I heard it was like "WOW, is this Geddy himself?" So that's it, it seems I another Geddy addicted... what can I do, it's not our fault if he is so great! Hope you enjoy my little list. PS: I'm new here, feeling at home!
  2. I'm 14 and their fan since I was 10... Actually, I turned my dad into Rush! It's harder to find any Rush fan here where I live, even a 50-odd fan. It's kinda "Rush... what... oh yeah, McGyver's song!" and stuff like that. But it's nice to feel you're underground, and, while your friends listen to Lady Gaga or anything, you go to school in Rush's teeshirts. It's so much fun. 4EVER, girls!
  3. Yeah... 59 and still sooo cute! I guess everybody here loves him, so I won't need to put another "LOVE YOU, GEDDY" for it is obvious.
  4. Yeah... 59 and still sooo cute! I guess everybody here loves him, so I won't need to put another "LOVE YOU, GEDDY" for it is obvious.
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