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    Vapor Trails Tour
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    Alien Shore
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    Meeting Geddy Lee at my first show (Grace) AND again the next tour (Power) at the same place. Joe Louis Arena Detroit,Mi. He wrote Rush on our ticket stubs and no one beleived us!!! He said" the band was responsible for the music" But wrote his name the second time when we told him what happened ! HOORAY! (BOTH WERE STOLEN)
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    Yes, Floyd,King Crimson.
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    Bass (Retired)
  1. The band members have had nothing to do with the art work by Hugh Syme ,since Neil was involved with Syme on Permanent Waves. Any Occult, pagan,alchemy symbols of magic and sorcery- Deuteronomy 18:10-12- (Satan influenced) are from Syme and not Rush !!! If you have noticed in lyrics of By-Tor(Devil Prince) and Necromancer (Spirit medium) Both of which the Bible condemns, both BAD GUYS get destroyed!!!! HOORAY!
  2. I think it might be the repetitiveness in it !? I really like it as I do the rest but if I had anything negative to say about it, it is a little repetitive!:geddy: If I had to pick a bottom 3 songs it would have to be BU2B2, Halo Effect and Wish them Well !
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