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  1. It made things a lot easier when all of the anniversaries were listed at the bottom of the homepage. I miss that feature.
  2. He's picky when it comes to cat food as well, but that's my fault. He's just spoiled.
  3. We never had problems like this when I was a kid. We lived in the boonies and my father always had a huge hole dug out back next to the field. He threw all manner of debris into that pit. When it was full he would cover it up and dig a new one! I just hope the people who live there now don't have a garden on that spot.
  4. My cat will eat Havarti cheese but not Colby.
  5. They were already out of cinnamon rolls at Panera when I got there this morning. I also had to wait for them to make more light roast coffee. The horror.
  6. Qing Xu Okay, she's a Chinese actress and I've never heard of her, but Q is a hard letter and I'm trying not to do repeats in this thread.
  7. I'm still hearing the occasional barrage of really loud fireworks in the evening. I'm on the edge of town, so fields and farms are less than half a mile away. It could be they're outside the city limits and exempt from local ordinances, but I suspect it's more likely nobody complains and nobody cares. I hope they run out of ammo soon.
  8. Yes, that's the term she used. I was sitting under a tree in her front yard when it started to rain and that's basically what she said!
  9. I'm eating double dark chocolate gelato and waiting for the Klonopin to kick in. I'll be in bed in half an hour.
  10. Back in the day, I remember she would always log out around the same time in the late afternoon to prepare dinner before her husband got home from work. For some reason, that's been on my mind since I learned it was her birthday. I also recall a time she wandered into the spam thread and was genuinely bewildered by what was going on there. This place just isn't the same without her. R.I.P., Dear Lorraine
  11. Some kids are best left to fend for themselves.
  12. My grandmother would give me burnt toast, claiming it was good 'roughage'. But she also told me that if I sat on damp ground I'd get hemorrhoids.
  13. While rummaging through some boxes in the closet I came across some old photos I'd taken of what was then called Route 666 in eastern Arizona. It's a lonely, winding road, but passes through some beautiful mountainous areas. I recall it being a bit spooky, but I think that's only because of the lore associated with it. I briefly lived in Tucson, and those photos brought back many fond memories. I was also reminded of the time I was on I-10 in southern Arizona and experienced some, shall we say, gastrointestinal issues. Not a bathroom for miles! I'll spare you the details of that.
  14. I'm complaining in advance with this one, and it regards fireworks. Local ordinances prohibit anything beyond firecrackers, but that doesn't stop the local kids, and adults who should know better, from detonating what I swear are sticks of dynamite. Beginning tomorrow night, and continuing periodically throughout the weekend, it will sound as though I'm living in a village in the Donbas being shelled by the Russians. I'll be annoyed. The cat will be terrified.
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