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  1. I've never heard of most of the recently departed.
  2. Forget the wombats, it's the drop bears that will get you.
  3. My sig must be six or seven years old, and quite frankly I'm too lazy to make a new one. Besides, I spent too much time making the damned thing.
  4. nvm grammatical error changed my mind, too.
  5. Can't go wrong with Swisher Sweets -consistent quality and a bargain, too!
  6. This thread is littered with links since the board upgrade. Of course, it's from Farscape.
  7. My cat decided to sharpen his claws on a black lacquer nightstand. I'm sure it's not beyond the bounds of western technology to resurface it.
  8. Okay, I liked this post, even though it deserves an eyeroll.
  9. If Travis wants to sleep in bed with me tonight he'd better stop running around the place and calm the f**k down.
  10. Tasmania? The mountains of Victoria? New Zealand?
  11. On a serious note, I've taken Klonopin in the past, maybe ten or twelve years ago, and when it was discontinued the dose was tapered over a period of about a month. I didn't notice any major withdrawal symptoms. Just a bit of insomnia and irritability. Peterson must have been taking massive doses of Xanax (similar to Klonopin but short-acting), to wind up in some sketchy Russian rehab clinic.
  12. Go drink a Celsius and be done with it. There are far worse addictions. I think my doctor has me hooked on benzodiazepines, and I'm not the least bit concerned. Which reminds me, it's time for my evening dose of Klonopin. I hope I don't end up like Jordan Peterson.
  13. I always imagine it's like being given propofol and fentanyl during a medical procedure. One moment you're lucid and talking, and the next you're in The Void. It happens within seconds. Of course it's drug-induced, but after the procedure you experience an eerie "lost time" feeling. It's weird.
  14. Dennis Farina He used to have a weekend house in the next town over, and all the locals said he was an asshole.
  15. Despite the high heat and humidity, I took a walk around a pond at the local park this afternoon. There's a sidewalk around it that forms a one mile loop. I saw ducks and geese, as well as great blue herons. There's also a pavilion under which barn swallows nest. Even though I live on the edge of town, I'm no longer living "in the country", so this is always a nice area to go for a walk. This place is frequented mostly by dog walkers and joggers. Everyone walking a dog appeared to be enjoying themselves, and were quite friendly, but all of the joggers looked absolutely miserable. I passed one woman twice, saying hello with each pass, and she said nothing in return. Didn't even look at me. She had a very determined look on her face, though.
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