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  1. Unfortunately, no it isn't. Whoever did decide to produce this disc did a fantastic job. The sound is pretty good and the replication of the artwork and font are bang on. Oh, I would love to have that for my collection. I know it is not official, but I feel incomplete without T4E on vinyl. I would like Different Stages on vinyl too. It would be cool to have that version of the entire 2112 masterpiece LIVE and on vinyl.
  2. I use this: http://www.google.com/shopping/product/7049250029192948988?rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox&sclient=psy-ab&q=record+cleaner+spinning&oq=record+cleaner+spinning&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48705608,d.dmg&biw=1024&bih=615&tch=3&ech=2&psi=hL7aUdPnK7i14AO8iIGgDw.1373290117642.1&wrapid=tlif137329011764210&sa=X&ei=pL7aUfXgMpb94APbkoCQDQ&ved=0CG4Q8wIwAQ It works very well. I have been able to take an old record that sounds poppy, and turn into a virtually clean sounding record. Of course it does nto get rid of scratches, so a record that appears scratched stays scratched. Also, I wanted to chime in on the love of vinyl and Rush. I discovered Rush going through my older brothers vinyl collection. I fell in love with the art and imagery on the gatefolds as well as the music in the grooves. I have since been a fanatical Rush fan. I have finally completed my collection of Rush on vinyl recently with a Brazilian copy of Counterparts. The only ones that I do not have on vinyl are the ones that were not pressed, which is Test For Echo and Different Stages. I have a Brazilian copy of Chronicles and a German pressing of Roll The Bones. The rest of which are US releases. I have the 45 of Caravan and BU2B, but I don't have many other 45s or 7 inch.
  3. Anyone know of a way to watch this ceremony online? I did that a few years ago when Van Halen was inducted. I found a link to watch online live. I don't know if I can wait until May 18th for HBO. :haz: :rush: :haz:
  4. I like reading all this comparing and contrasting albums. It emphasizes how diverse the fans are and the albums themselves are as well. You can listen to a different era Rush and get something different. If you listen to early stuff you can hear the influences of bands like Led Zeppelin, if you listen to the 80s stuff there are hints of The Police and new wave type stuff, just as the 90s ushered in a grunge like feel. I love that about Rush. They have their own sound, but they allow themselves to be influenced by what they like and listen to. Personally, I like Clockwork Angels quite a bit, but it has not yet had a chance to grow on me yet. I will listen to it religiously over the course of a month or so - and I am sure it will grow and evolve while I digest the lyrics and feelings the songs convey. I did not really like Snakes And Arrows much at all, but now I can honestly say that it is a true favorite of mine that I get lost listening to, but then again I loved Vapor Trails immediately and love that album. Now talk to the next guy, and they pan Vapor Trails as being mixed poorly and lacks guitar solos and is too long, etc, etc. That's cool...We all have our favorites. Sometimes we should all put down our favorites and give someone else's favorite a try. My absolute favorite will always be 2112. This was played by my older brother and will never forget the feelings that came over me when I realized how music makes one feel and remember a certain time in their life...even down to the scent of the room they were in. I will never forget...Rush is my favorite band and almost my own religion and politics.
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