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  1. I think they will play a second leg, doubt the only play 34 shows for R40. Ill say they are pretty set for this run, by we shall see. Stoked for the show Sunday in Tampa, been waiting a LONG time for some of the old songs they are playing!


    Don't get your hopes up. The very credible and reliable source in TRF have said that this it.

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  2. Halfway thru the first leg. There are rumors, some confirmed, that other songs are or have been rehearsed. I mean - where the hell is Big Money and what is Ask Al anyway?


    So here's my question - will the 2nd leg see the same A-B-C rotation or will some songs be dropped and others added? If you think so, how many changes will occur?

  3. Hewwo. I'm at work so I have to pretend I'm - um - working....


    Seriously, I will have to check in and out throughout the night. Hope all are well. Polarize Me - in NJ as well #thumbsup


    I'm stuck doing the evening shift at work to. So I'll be popping in and out as well.


    Please patrons, you really don't need to buy that dishwasher or that microwave. You need to lose weight and ddishwashing by hand is an excellent exercise. Now - go away! :)

  4. Ok. Shh. Be very, very quiet....


    I have the closing shift at work and would like to check in on occasion especially if there are any huge surprises (I'm now spoiled on seeing it live as opposed to waiting for the YouTube video).


    So on a PC (I think it uses Firefox), can I just click the link? If I have to download a program it won't work. When I goggle "periscope", it just brings you to a place to download the app from iTunes.


    For the record, periscope was released by Twitter (who paid an estimated $100M) around March 26, 2015. Feels kind if cool to be this old and on the cutting edge of technology.


    I would be surprised if live streaming from a show, via any 'net app or service, will soon be challenged by any number of touring musicians. If they want to provide a live and FREE feed for fans not attending the show, I imagine they would. I'm sure some bands do. But I doubt many. That would seem to be an unwise business decision.


    I disagree. It isn't like it takes away from the paid customer. People are still going to attend the show. It's actually great advertising. It's free advertising. One could argue that ticket sales will increase. I've read several members here are looking to add shows because of the scoping.

  6. I beg to differ. I would much rather have a recording of a song that I filmed, that I experienced than wait for a DVD which was someone else's experience. I'm not going to Toronto where the DVD will be filmed. It's nice to have that DVD, but it can't compare to my experience at my show.


    If someone has a problem with the phone, then they will say something. If no one around Mtstic had a problem with what he was doing then who are you to say it was bothersome or wrong?


    With that said, we got to find someone to scope tomorrow's show :)

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