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  1. Ok - just listened to Open Secrets. I will change my vote from Prime Mover to this one IF there is a live orchestra playing the keyboard parts. While I love this song, I just don't see it transitioning to a live song without that added caveat.
  2. Prime Mover was a better song live than it was on the record..er..cd. As much as I second nature, I have to go with this one.
  3. Ahh - I saw them on Sept 29, '84. Still, if Kid Gloves replaced Afterimage, then they never played all 8 songs in the same set. This is a concept album, right? A story? Wouldn't they play all of CA in order? I guess that's the first key to this puzzle - if they are going to treat it like a concept album.
  4. When did they play P/G in its entirety? Not on the P/G tour. They skipped Afterimage. In fact to my knowledge, they have never played Afterimage live.
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