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  1. Ive been playing Losing It religiously all week to and from work.
  2. I meant all at once....Oh I need the list - tonight. Just prefer it song by song
  3. losingit2k - sounds like you have your song. Congrats, bud!!!!
  4. That would take the fun out of tonight. Please dont post the whole list!!
  5. QUOTE Vegas will be my 3rd as well, for a 15 year old. Enjoy them. I was 16 for my first - GUP. Saw PW, HYF, Presto(2), & RTB. Then I had kids. LOL. This is why this will be my first one since....
  6. Taking my son to Newark show. First concert of any kind for him. Going to surprise him. BTW - we are at 191 users and counting @ 6:23 EST
  7. I expected to be glued to the pc around 7:20 - not - um - all day This is exciting. Over 30 years. Never had this much excitement. Sat out in snow for tickets on numerous occasions back in the 80s. All-nighters. Different experience. Doesn't compare to this. I can't even eat dinner and a long way down the coast from NH. Geesh.
  8. A couple of people guessed Territories in the "prediction" thread. BrightAntenne had Territories on one list but not YYZ - so I still go t a shot. LOL
  9. There gors my set list prediction. Territories? Sweet though....
  10. QUOTE I will be getting home from my sons baseball game afer the show starts. Sweet! LL game? I've been involved with LL for 14+ years as a manager, league admin, and district admin.
  11. Cool pics, herm!!! Thik I have it figured out - you're a helicopter pilot!
  12. Thanks Todem. This was incredibly fun over the past several weeks.
  13. it's 12:58 - 1:07 by the time I got it posted. If it counts - cool. If not, I will use my last posted setlist. Thanks SET 1 Animate Far Cry Limelight Driven Show Dont Tell Roll The Bones Subdivisions Analog Kid Kid Gloves Marathon New World Man Losing It Jacobs Ladder Set 2 Caravan BU2B Clockwork Angels Anarchist Carnies Seven Cities of Gold The Wreckers Headlong Flight BU2B2 The Garden Closer to the Heart YYZ (solo) Spirit of Radio ENCORE Overture Temples of Syrinx LaVilla Tom Sawyer
  14. Three always winners and losers. For me, the fact that the band i first admired over 30 years ago is still making music and touri g with original material is all I need. The fact that I can take my son to his first concert and hear the band I love and loved when I was his age is all I need. Regardless of what is on the seist, I can't lose....
  15. likeclockwork - the setlist presented wasn't a presented as a factual setlist. It was a prediction by the OP made days ago in another thread. Others have used it to debunk the OP as a fraud
  16. Vapor Trails Tour Source - Cygnus-X1.Net Between Sun and Moon or The Trees (Both alternated for many shows before being dropped on November 2nd, 2002 and replaced by "Closer to the Heart" on November 10th, 2002.) Vital Signs or Freewill (Both alternated (or were both played) through out the tour.) Closer To The Heart (See notes for "Between Sun and Moon") Ceiling Unlimited or Ghost Rider (Both alternated (or were both played) through out the tour.) Test For Echo Tour Time And Motion (This moved around the setlist below being completely dropped on November 9th, 1996.)
  17. Torgo, my point was geared toward a certain expectation. By mellow I don't mean they are going to calm the whole show down. My point was that they may be just want to play more songs that are slower in pace like a Second Nature or Losing It along with Nobody's Hero. Some people were bitching about this possibility. Rush is by no means mellow...
  18. QUOTE I haven't seen Rush since the Hold Your Fire tour almost 25 years ago. I want to hear CA loud and raw...everything else is a bonus. davens, in the same boat - I havent seen them since RTB and I am taking my 17 year old to his first ever concert. Everything is a bonus. Tombstone - have you googled the ESL tour yet? Arch - depends on what you mean. Muscially, they have written more challenging material in their day. Tempo wise, 25% are slower tempos (HE, TG, BU2B2).
  19. I can see Nobody's Hero for Andrew. For years (or tours), it seems there has been a balance between what they "have" to play and what they "want" to play. This could certainly be a sign that the scales are tipping towards "want". Also, the reality is that the guys are getting older. People tend to mellow as they get older. view life through different lenses then they did 10, 20 years before. SO while at first it surprised me to hear a song like Second Nature being thrown around, with a little thinking, it kind of makes sense. THerefore, it doesn't surprise me to hear that more "mellow" songs would be included in the setlist. Swapping out? Of course. It keeps the grind fresh and challenging. It's what they want to do as opposed to what they should do. Remember, this isn't about you, me, or the person in the seats. We are just along for the ride. This has always been the unwritten contract. If you don't like it, you can go listen to other bands or go to other shows. We the fan accept that they are going to do what they want to do and we have the choice to accept it or move on and they are perfectly fine with that. They don't try to hold on to us with fancy gimmicks or witty advertising. We are free to leave at any time....
  20. Based upon latest rumors - Edited 7:02 est - I deleted it since your last prediction is the one that counts
  21. Oh my head is spinning!!! Doesn't this conflict with the report that strings will be used on 6 songs? Unless - the report meant 6 non-CA songs!! Oh my!!!
  22. Trying something different. It may be my final submission as we finally running out of time. SET 1 Far Cry Limelight Stick It Out Driven The Big Money Subdivisions Analog Kid Kid Gloves Show Don't Tell Roll The Bones Jacob's Ladder Caravan BU2B SET 2 Clockwork Angels The Anarchist Carnies The Wreckers Headlong Flight BU2B2 The Garden YYZ (solo) Losing It New World Man Closer to the Heart Spirit of Radio ENCORE (medley) Overture Temples of Syrinx Xanadu Lavilla (end medley) Tom Sawyer
  23. A thread please so I don't have to spend tomorrow trying to figure where the hell the damn door knob is to let me in. Nothi g says "old" like having to cry to someone in a PM to help guide u into the room...
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