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  1. hit F5 david - that the "f" and the number 5. Forget the stupid round arrow thingy
  2. QUOTE NO 70's at all so far. Wild. Some of us are predicting a 3rd set....
  3. QUOTE Either SCOG or WTW will probably be gone QUOTE I think both will. Good point - that would set up a third set
  4. I'm ducking if the they skip Anarchist. Too many heads would explode and this wite will go all poowy and kaboomy
  5. If the CA is only 8 or 9 songs - then I am banking on a 3rd set.
  6. Um - Always wondered - I get who memebers are and who guests are. Are "anonymous" like - the police or something? LOL
  7. Just listing some possibilities for a 3rd "70's" set Limelight YYZ JL Overture Temples CTTH Losing It (we were "promised") Another solo Trees Working Man Xanadu
  8. Ok - I'm calling 3 sets and an encore. Long shot - but after a 10 song first set and still more CA songs to go - it seems logical..
  9. QUOTE We can all give our F5 buttons a rest for a minute, everyone! What's an F5 - oh wait - geesh - I've been clicking that stupid circle arrow thing.
  10. I mean - they've blown us away already with different things. We haven't heard any of the staples. No MP or PW. No 2112. I'm thinking it may be possible.
  11. Um - any possibility they might do 3 sets and an encore? This set was an hour. They started late. Just a thought. A second set with 9 CA songs. A 3rd set of 70s stuff?
  12. I wonder if he will do another short solo in the 2nd set
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